Big Bang Theory Co-Creator Has No Idea How Series Finale Will End

The Big Bang Theory Cast

Co-creator Bill Prady admits that writers and producers are still figuring out how to finish The Big Bang Theory. In a surprising move by CBS, it was announced that the popular sitcom is wrapping up after 12 seasons last month, despite initially having plans of bringing it back for another year.  Since then, some of the show's cast members have addressed the impending finale, with most of them promising the perfect sendoff for the sitcom. However, apparently nothing is yet set in stone with what goes down in the series finale.

Season 11 ended on a high note, with Amy and Sheldon finally getting married after spending the whole season engaged. It could have been the perfect finale to The Big Bang Theory, as it featured most of the show's fan-favorite guest stars, not to mention Mark Hamill making an appearance to officiate the wedding. But there are still 24 more episodes to go, in which fans will find out how the newlyweds are coping with their new life together, as well as how their other friends are doing with their own lives. While additional content is never a bad thing for the show's loyal viewers, the folks behind the sitcom are now unsure how to close out the show.

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Speaking to Us Weekly, Prady opened up about the nearing end of The Big Bang Theory, and surprisingly revealed that they actually haven't figured out how they'll wrap up the show's story.

We’re approaching the final season the same way we’ve approached the 11 seasons before: with no planning whatsoever. From day one, we have never planned an arch for a season. We don’t plan ahead, we just kind of just tell the next story.

Sheldon and Amy in The Big Bang Theory season 11 finale

Despite the reveal above that Prady and his team don't go into each season of The Big Bang Theory with an overarching plan, it's a bit hard to believe that they still don't have at least some idea of how they intend to end such a popular series. The final season is set to premiere next week, and if it follows its standard schedule (with mandatory winter break), the show will air its final episode by May. While they might have time to figure things out during the midseason hiatus, one assumes they intend to somehow build up to the storylines that will eventually culminate in the series' big finale. Otherwise, the final episode will feel like nothing but a normal season finale, and fans that have stuck with the show for twelve seasons deserve a definitive, satisfying conclusion.

Regardless of how The Big Bang Theory ends, there are certain plot points that fans will undoubtedly want addresed. For starters, Penny's maiden name remains a mystery, and since her marriage to Leonard, it seems like the fact that it was never confirmed has further slipped through the narrative cracks. But with the show nearing its end, fans are bringing it up again, demanding that they finally reveal it. It's also important to acknowledge the long-damaged elevator in their building. Fans learned what happened to it a few seasons back, but perhaps its time that it finally gets fixed.

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The Big Bang Theory season 12 premieres September 24 on CBS.

Source: Us Weekly

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