The Big Bang Theory's First Kiss Plot Twist Hints At Penny's True Feelings

Penny and Leonard's First Kiss The Big Bang Theory

Penny (Kaley Cuoco) had a believable excuse to explain why she didn't want to remember her and Leonard's (Johnny Galecki) first kiss in the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory but her alibi only exposes the fact that she has always liked her husband long before she wants to admit it to herself. One of the recurring criticisms about the long-running CBS sitcom has been the uneventful married life of the show's principal couple, but last week's episode attempted to turn things around for the Hofstadters after Penny surprisingly gave a sweet explanation why she didn't want to acknowledge the first time she and husband locked lips 11 years ago making for one of the pair’s sweetest moments.

As it turns out, Penny did remember her first kiss with Leonard during her Halloween party more than a decade ago but pretended that she didn’t because she didn't want the momentous occasion to be when she was stupid drunk. Instead, she insisted that they first locked lips during Leonard’s tragic birthday while consoling him for missing his own party. The explanation convinced Leonard as the episode ended with the couple looking very much in love with each other - something that fans haven't seen them for quite a while. However, upon closely examining Penny's alibi doesn't actually make that much sense.

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Looking back at 'The Middle-Earth Paradigm' all the way from season 1, Penny wasn't drunk to the point of embarrassment when she kissed Leonard. Yes, she was maybe tipsy and was rambling but it's not like she wasn't making any sense. In fact, she was having a clear conversation with him about still having unresolved issues with her ex-boyfriend, Kurt, who was also present in the party and even got into an altercation with Leonard earlier that night. She let her guard down and while Leonard consoled her, she suddenly reached out and kissed him. A few seconds of awkwardness after sharing an intimate moment together, the two recovered and returned to their friendly demeanor with each other. However, just as when Penny was leaving to return to her apartment where her Halloween party was still in full swing, she kissed Leonard, again.

Things get more interesting when one considers what Penny wants to remember as her and Leonard's first kiss. During that instance in 'The Peanut Reaction', Penny was in charge of the situation. She planned a birthday party for Leonard after finding out that he’s never had one in his life, however, he missed it due to unforeseen circumstances. Granted that it's technically the next time they locked lips, the situation puts Penny in a position of power compared to Leonard who was bummed out for not being able to celebrate in his own party. It's as if Penny kissed him not because she wanted to for herself, but because she was obligated to comfort Leonard and kissing him was the most effective way to do that.

Given the major difference between the two kisses, not to mention Penny's lame excuse about being drunk the first time, it's possible that the real reason why Penny didn't want to remember the Halloween incident altogether because it was a moment of weakness for her. She wore her heart out on her sleeves at that time proving that she's always liked Leonard contrary to what she wants to believe that he only won her after years of pining for her. While all the couple dynamics in The Big Bang Theory plays on the notion that the boys lucked out and married out of their league, the show likes to highlight this idea particularly with regard to the Hofstadters. It’s an accepted fact that Penny married below her while Leonard married up - something that bothers Leonard from time to time. But if anything, remembering their real first kiss should assure him that his wife is with him for all the right reasons.

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