The Big Bang Theory: Penny's 5 Best Outfits (& 5 Worst)

We all know and love Penny from our favorite sitcom, The Big Bang TheoryWe also all know that Penny is fierce, hilarious, and totally stunning. She definitely paves the way for fashion in this show, and we've probably all wished we could borrow Penny's closet at some point. She's confident, which we love about her, and which also means that her outfits can get extremely diverse and different.

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While some are absolutely breathtaking, others might have made us happy we didn't have her wardrobe. In case you're looking for your next outfit choice, we've made a list of Penny's outfits. Here are her 5 best ones, and her 5 worst.

10 Worst: All of Season 1

Honestly, we're surprised that Penny swept the boys off their feet as well as she did. Sure, she's sweet, beautiful, and funny, but her fashion sense has definitely improved throughout the seasons. Seriously, she wears a lot of blue and green, and together! We're no fashion experts, but we're pretty sure that's a no-go. Plus, what is with all of the zip-up hoodies? Hey, whatever you're comfortable in, but she wasn't stealing our hearts in that sweater.

9 Best: Anything Casual

Penny is the queen of sweaters and jeans. We seriously wish we could borrow every single casual wear item she owns, because they look comfy and cute. She can pull off anything, really, and she looks stunning even in a big comfy sweater and baggy jeans.

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Seriously, every single sweater she wears throughout the series, we want a duplicate. She looks cute and stunning in literally everything, but she somehow manages to pull off casual wear to a pretty impressive degree. Plus, Penny can pull off messy buns for days, and we love her for it.

8 Worst: The Red Suit

We love Penny's career change, and we think she's so talented and brilliant. Usually, she is absolutely slaying in the suits and modest dresses she wears, but we weren't totally loving this burgundy suit with the white shirt. The color isn't super flattering, and neither is the entire outfit. While we love most of the suits she wears, this one didn't quite hit the mark. We probably wouldn't ask to borrow this one, but we still think she slays at everything. No hard feelings, right?

7 Best: The Bridesmaid Dress

While Amy is the star of this episode, we can't help but acknowledge the beautiful blush pink and lace gown that Penny looks absolutely beautiful in. It's elegant, modest, and probably the prettiest thing we've ever seen. We would totally have every bridesmaid ever wear a gown like this, but we're not sure anyone would look as beautiful as Penny does. It's the perfect amount of elegant and beautiful, and it's probably the cutest and most stunning dress on the show. We'd marry her, right?

6 Worst: The Sequins Dress

Penny takes risks, and that's definitely one thing we love about her. However, this black sequin lace romper catastrophe is definitely not something we can say was a risk well taken. Sure, she still looks fantastic (she'd look great in anything), but again, we're not super eager to borrow this.

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In fact, it would probably look awful on anybody else. At the end of the day, we don't think she's going to be turning heads in this one, as sparkly as it is.

5 Best: The Interview Suit

This is a suit we can get behind. When Penny has her interview, she shows up in an elegant, sleek black suit and white button-up. She looks professional, brilliant, and absolutely stunning. We'd hire her on the spot, really, because she looks ready to tackle anything in this suit. We also love that she has shifted away from dresses, and finds comfort in the more professional suit. She is still breathtaking, and we're rooting for her every step of the way.

4 Worst: The Very Pink Suit

She's pretty on and off with the suits. While this is a pretty incredible moment for Penny, and we absolutely support everything she does, we're not loving this very, very pink suit. Really, we think she could give Elle Woods a run for her money (yes, that's a Legally Blonde reference).

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Again, she slays in everything, but that's a lot of pink, and we're not sure she stands out in a good way. You win some, you lose some, right?

3 Best: The Blue Party Dress

This is one of our favorite dresses of the series. Again, it's simple and elegant, and she looks absolutely stunning. That color definitely suits her, and she manages not to draw too much attention while still looking beautiful. We definitely want to steal ourselves a version of this dress, and it actually looks extremely comfortable and would work for any occasion. We do wish that she and Leonard would have color-coordinated, but we're satisfied that the color is perfect on her. Much love, Penny.

2 Worst: Collar & Jeans

Penny experiments a lot with collars, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. This is one of those "doesn't" times, and honestly, we're not loving the loose-fitted shirt and collar with the loose-fitting jeans. Also, we can't seem to get behind the blue-washed jeans on this lovely gal. This outfit is by no means spectacular, and it's actually pretty bland. Better luck next time, but we forgive you and your brilliance.

1 Best: The Red Blazer & Black Dress

This is undeniably the best outfit Penny wears in the entire series. That red blazer and that adorable black pencil dress with the tight-necked collar has us floored. She looks professional, smart, stunning, and like a total boss. We would honestly go as Penny for Halloween just so we could wear this outfit. Or, maybe we'll just buy ourselves a version to wear every single day. This is the perfect mix of sophisticated and beautiful, and Penny is that in a nutshell. We love this bombshell, and at the end of the day, she is our fashion queen. Also, we'll admit that she pulls this off better than anyone else could.

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