• Beverly visited Leonard and Penny in Pasadena in the latest The Big Bang Theory 1 / 8

    The Big Bang Theory Beverly Vertical
  • Unlike before, she was warmer in treating her son only because of a parenting book she's writing 2 / 8

    The Big Bang Theory Penny and Leonard Wedding Vertical
  • Instead of Leonard getting mad, he chose to forgive his mom, leading to a genuine hug 3 / 8

  • But what if Beverly really needs the help of Leonard and Penny in some more personal ways 4 / 8

  • Leading the two move cross-country with her in New Jersey 5 / 8

    The Big Bang Theory Beverly and Penny Vertical
  • This is a great send-off for the couple as it gives them the opportunity to start over in a new place 6 / 8

    The cast of The Big Bang Theory
  • It also services the recent development in Leonard and Beverly's relationship 7 / 8

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