The Big Bang Theory: 10 Things That Need To Happen Before the Series Ends

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With less than half of its 12th and final season remaining, it's time to start really thinking about what The Big Bang Theory's legacy is going to be. As one of the longest running sitcoms in television history, a series that went from a cult hit to one of the most watched shows on any network, The Big Bang Theory clearly already has a pretty impressive track record -- all without taking its numerous awards, nominations, and spinoff into consideration.

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But as we're reflecting on what The Big Bang Theory is going to leave behind, it's also a good time to think about what we need to see in the series before it's all over.

10. Raj finally finds true love

From the very beginning of the series, Raj Koothrappali has been the hopeless  romantic of the group. Despite his struggles in talking to women, he's always believed in finding true love -- but then again, maybe he's just watched too many romantic comedies.

After many failed relationships, Raj entered into an arranged marriage with a woman named Anu in the first half of the season, but currently, their relationship isn't totally stable after they both admitted they felt they were rushing into things. Here's hoping Raj finally gets the fairy tale romance he deserves in the episodes that remain.

9. More major sci-fi guest stars

The Big Bang Theory has always been amazing at pulling off serious stunt casting, particularly when it involves bringing in legends from beloved works of science fiction. Star Wars icons such as Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and James Earl Jones have all appeared on the series.

Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, Wil Wheaton, Brent Spiner, and LeVar Burton have represented the Star Trek crowd. Scientists including Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye have also popped up. William Shatner is reportedly finally appearing in an upcoming episode, too. Hopefully, there are more guests in store that we don't know about yet.

8. Stuart moves out of the Wolowitz's house

Kevin Sussman as Stuart Bloom in The Big Bang Theory

It was a sweet idea at first when resident comic book store owner Stuart moved into the Wolowitz family home to help take care of an ailing Mrs. Wolowitz. But many seasons later, with Mrs. Wolowitz sadly having passed away and two Rostenkowski-Wolowitz children roaming around the home, Stuart's stay has long since extended past its welcome.

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The series has finally begun to wake up regarding this uncomfortable plot, as Stuart's girlfriend, Denise, recently expressed interest in the two of them moving in together somewhere. Stuart didn't seem ready for the big move just yet, but hopefully, he'll come around before the series ends.

7. Cinnamon returns

Raj Koothrappali and Cinnamon in The Big Bang Theory

Raj may not have had the best of luck in the romance department, but one lady who has always held his heart is his adorable little dog Cinnamon. While Raj mentions her quite often, and the gang makes jokes about the closeness of his relationship with her, it's been a while since Cinnamon was used as a main player.

We don't think we're asking too much here, really. We just want to see the cute little pup one more time before Raj hopefully rides off into the sunset in his happily ever after -- with Cinnamon ideally included in that arrangement, too.

6. Amy learns she is pregnant

Mayim Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory

You had to know this one was coming. Does it technically count as a spoiler when the Season 1 finale of Young Sheldon revealed that future Sheldon and Amy have multiple children? Either way, the inevitability of Sheldon and Amy's procreating is something that has been much more than foreshadowed -- it's been promised.

It would be a shame for the series to not capitalize on allowing viewers to witness Amy learning she's pregnant, and the ever neurotic Sheldon learning he's going to be a father. We won't get to see much in terms of a pregnancy, but the reveal of the big news would suffice.

5. Sheldon and Wil Wheaton mend fences, again

Wil Wheaton as Wil Wheaton in The Big Bang Theory

Few recurring storylines in the entire series have been more entertaining than the on-again, off-again arch-rivalry between Sheldon and Wil Wheaton. Although the two were once on better terms, following years of mutual contempt, things took a turn for the contentious once again after Wheaton acquired Sheldon's dream job: the replacement for Sheldon's beloved childhood idol, Professor Proton, in the upcoming revival of that same series.

Wheaton is confirmed to return in an upcoming episode revolving around a Dungeons & Dragons competition, so hopefully, the series will take advantage of his appearance and mine it for some considerable conflict and some resolution.

4. A Footprints on the Moon reprise

Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali in The Big Bang Theory

Speaking of hilarious recurring storylines, a late addition to the series found best friends Howard and Raj embarking on forming their own band, Footprints on the Moon. The duo, once accompanied by uber nerdy geologist Bert, specialize in writing and performing "nerd rock," rock songs about their favorite pieces of nerdy media such as Marvel, Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes, and general scientific knowledge.

Their performances are always refreshingly offbeat and quirky, with witty lyrics and catchy tunes that immediately get stuck in your head. If the song could come up with an excuse for at least one more performance, it would well be worth it.

3. Penny's maiden name is finally revealed

Penny in The Big Bang Theory

As with celebrities and artists, plenty of iconic television characters have gone by only one name for an entire series run or, at least, the majority of them. The Big Bang Theory is guilty of falling into this same tempting trap. Despite being a major fixture in the series from the pilot, and having her family introduced, Penny's maiden name has never once been mentioned.

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She may go by Penny Hofstadter professionally now but we really have no way of knowing, just as we have no way of knowing what her original surname was. It would be a fun nod to fan curiosity if the show managed to finally answer this long-held question.

2. Sheldon and Amy win the Nobel Prize

In some ways, maybe it would be a little too cheesy if Sheldon and Amy actually did win the Nobel Prize for their groundbreaking discovery of super asymmetry. It would provide the two characters with the crowning achievements of their careers, fulfilling Sheldon's childhood dream along with it.

But it may wrap things up way too neatly for a sitcom that likes to dish out a little bit of snark with warmth. Nevertheless, the discussion of their candidacy for a Nobel was introduced by the series itself, which clearly shows this is something fans should be hoping for and, perhaps, even expecting.

1. The elevator finally works

Leonard, Penny and the Broken Elevator in The Big Bang Theory

One of the series' longest running visual jokes has been the fact that the elevator in the apartment building Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, and Amy reside in has not worked in over a decade. With the elevator broken as a result of a freak science experiment gone terribly wrong, the characters trek up and down countless flights of stairs per episode.

It would be a fitting way to end the series, we think, with the surprise reveal of the elevator finally being fixed, and the characters perhaps even boarding it or ignoring it entirely, in favor of their old routines.

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