• The Big Bang Theory's finale revealed that Penny and Leonard are expecting a baby. 1 / 11

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  • After years of stagnating the couple's married life, the show finally gave them some progress. 2 / 11

    The Big Bang Theory Penny and Leonard Wedding Vertical
  • But as sweet as it was, the show's handling of the Hofstadters' baby drama was problematic. 3 / 11

  • Not only was the issue poorly established, it was also poorly resolved. 4 / 11

  • The show didn't properly tackle how Penny truly feels about the pregnancy, given that she didn't want kids. 5 / 11

  • Fans are supposed to be happy with the pregnancy when we're not even sure if Penny genuinely is. 6 / 11

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  • The Big Bang Theory could've explored this subject matter better if the final season was better plotted. 7 / 11

    The cast of The Big Bang Theory
  • Tackling this subplot that could've been a social commentary on women's right to choose. 8 / 11

  • Sadly, that wasn't the case. 9 / 11

  • But at least there's finally something for the Hofstadters after a couple of seasons being relegated to supporting roles. 10 / 11

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