The Big Bang Theory: 10 Worst Episodes Of The Show (According To IMDb)

This may be hard for some Big Bang Theory fans to hear but not every episode of the series was a masterpiece. With 279 episodes and 12 seasons, it would be brutally hard to fulfill every fan's dream time and time again. And while a majority of the episodes were fantastic and filled with laughs and quick one-liners from Sheldon, we have to admit there were better episodes than some.

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Sadly, The Big Bang Theory is no more, so us fans need to soak in what they can from the series. Episodes like Amy and Sheldon's wedding scored high ratings but episodes like Penny deciding to take a job opportunity with her ex-boyfriend, Zack, didn't please fans.

With a little help from IMDb, we discovered what fans truly think of each episode, giving it a rating out of 10. The first season definitely hit high numbers, but ratings dwindled after that. Keep reading below to see which episodes didn't do so hot.

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10 The Cornhusker Vortex: 7.6

In the sixth episode of the third season, we saw Leonard trying to desperately to be Penny's perfect guy. Now that the two have finally started dating, Leonard became unsettled when Penny decided to have some friends over to watch the Nebraska football game.

Not knowing a lick about football, Leonard makes Sheldon teach him everything he knows about the game so he can make a good impression on Penny and her friends. He ended up being more embarrassing than anything and was unaware there were four quarters in football — making him bored enough to leave.

9 The Hesitation Ramification: 7.5

In the seventh season, we find Penny finally getting cast as a waitress in NCIS. After having a viewing party at Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, the gang finds out Penny's part was actually cut from the episode. Upset, Penny goes to her own apartment to wallow when she has too much to drink and decides to make an adult decision by asking Leonard to marry her. Knowing she's not in the right headspace, he stutters and stays silent. Penny then takes her "offer off the table," and storms away. This was a huge step in their relationship which led to fans confused with where this relationship was actually going.

8 The Speckerman Recurrence: 7.4

In the episode "The Speckerman Recurrence," Leonard comes face to face with the man who bullied him throughout high school. Leonard had a whole speech prepared for Jimmy Speckerman but the tables were turned when he apologized and treated Leonard with respect.

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Oddly enough, Jimmy ended up sleeping at Leonard and Sheldon's that night and when he woke up, he was back to his bullying ways. In retrospect, Penny herself realizes she was also a bully to a few girls in high school, so Amy and Bernadette make her call those she hurt and apologize to them. In all, the episode was a real lesson for bullies and those being bullied, but it didn't rate well with fans.

7 The Space Probe Disintegration: 7.3

In the eighth season, "The Space Prob Disintegration" shows Amy and Penny bringing the boys along on their shopping outing. With poor service in the dressing room, Leonard and Sheldon are left arguing about how many compromises they make for one another. After a few disagreements, the two are left in tears when they realize they're arguing because changes are happening in their life. After living with just each other for years, they're now at a time where they're about to live with their girlfriends. Meanwhile, Raj is left anxious for a spacecraft he worked on, as it's making its return to Pluto and is scared it won't work correctly.

6 The Locomotion Interruption: 7.2

At the end of the seventh season, Sheldon has a minor meltdown over the changes appearing in his life. Needing to get away from everyone, Sheldon hits the tracks and takes a train tour.

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When season eight began with "The Locomotion Interruption," we find Sheldon has been robbed and asks Leonard to come and get him... in Arizona. While Leonard and Amy head to Arizona, Penny is gearing up to interview with Bernadette's company. Meanwhile, Steuart is continuing to live with Howard's mother even though she's back to being healthy again. While this episode brought a lot of laughs, fans weren't impressed with the start of the season.

5 The Communication Deterioration: 7.1

It appears not too many fans were fond of season eight of The Big Bang Theory. In "The Communication Deterioration," the 21st episode of the season, Penny comes to Sheldon with a problem. She's curious if she should get back into acting after being told about an audition for Clerks 3. While Sheldon is trying to relate to Penny, Leonard and Raj are left trying to create a way to communicate with aliens. This is also the episode where Penny realizes the acting world is no longer for her and she wanted to thank Bernadette for getting her a job in the first place.

4 The First Pitch Insufficiency: 7.0

In the third episode of the eighth season, we find Howard preparing to throw the first pitch at the Angels game. After realizing he has zero athletic ability, he thinks it would be cool to teach the Mars Rover how to throw a baseball instead. As fans of the show know, though, the Rover takes a long time to throw the ball, which made fans bored and uneasy.

Meanwhile, Leonard, Penny, Sheldon, and Amy get ready for a double-date when Sheldon admits he and Amy are a more "superior" couple to Leonard and Penny. This made Penny realize how different she and Leonard really are it scares her for their future.

3 The Matrimonial Momentum: 6.8

The beginning of the ninth season was a real doozy for fans. "The Matrimonial Momentum" shows Leonard and Penny on their way to Vegas to finally get married. Meanwhile, Sheldon annoys Amy into deciding that she wants out of their relationship. While Amy officially breaks up with Sheldon, Leonard tells Penny that he cheated on her a couple of years back when he went on that ship exhibition. Penny still went through with the wedding but what transpired were a few painful days of recovery. Fans were also devastated by the fact that "Shamy" was no more!

2 The Cognition Regeneration: 6.8

Towards the end of the 10th season, Penny isn't sure if she really loves her job working for Bernadette's company. Her luck changes when she runs into her ex-boyfriend Zack and he offers her a sales job working at his printing business. Leonard, of course, is not thrilled with the idea of her and Zack working together. By the time Leonard finally comes around to it, Penny finds out Zack's girlfriend is also uncomfortable with the two of them working together — making Penny realize Leonard's feelings were valid.

1 The Athenaeum Allocation: 6.8

"The Athenaeum Allocation" was the 17th episode of season 11. In it, we see Howard and Bernadette navigating life with a newborn and a toddler while deciding which one of them should stay home with the baby while the other goes back to work.

Meanwhile, Leonard is doing his best to help Sheldon and Amy get their dream wedding venue after realizing Barry Kripke booked a party at the same venue using the date "Shamy" wanted. In all, fans weren't impressed by the lackluster episode, rating it a 6.8

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