The Big Bang Theory: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together (& 5 That Make No Sense)

The Big Bang Theory was a sitcom about four nerds but ended up being a rom-com. Some of these couples were matches made in heaven. Others...weren't.

Leslie Winkle and Leonard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory

While The Big Bang Theory may have focused on Sheldon Cooper's high intelligence, relationships were also a key factor in the show's success. The relationship between Leonard and Penny was a huge storyline for the series. The tension between them as neighbors and friends is what hooked so many viewers in night after night. We also grew to love Sheldon's long-term relationship with Amy, and Howard finding his perfect gal in Bernadette. However, along the way, we ran into some couples that made zero sense. Sure, these five couples made us laugh and gave the main characters a companion, but that doesn't mean they were good couples.

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10 Perfect: Sheldon & Amy

There is no one else on this planet more suited for Sheldon than Amy Farrah Fowler. Sheldon may have thought he would have been fine roaming the earth alone, but we all know he's a needy man who needed a companion. Leonard could only help him for so long; Amy came into his life at the perfect time.

From their off-the-charts intelligence to their admiration for similar things, these two are a match made in heaven. It was hard for fans seeing these two break up for a few episodes, but that small break only made them stronger.

9 No sense: Leonard & Leslie

When you think about it, Leslie Winkle was the female counterpart to Leonard. They both worked in the same field at Caltech, they were similar heights, and they both wore glasses. They both entered their relationship as a means to get physical but once Leslie was over with her "friends with benefits" stage, she and Leonard gave their romantic relationship a shot. However, there was zero passion between the two. Leonard received no love from his mother growing up; it wouldn't be fair to have that same treatment from a partner too.

8 Perfect: Leonard & Stephanie

Leonard Hofstadter and Stephanie in The Big Bang Theory

If Penny wasn't already the girl of Leonard's dreams, Stephanie Barnett would have been next in line. Stephanie was crazy about Leonard. She found him funny, charming, and didn't mind his lactose intolerance when he accidentally ate cheese. She was also a doctor who was smart enough to deal with Sheldon's wild antics.

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These two sadly didn't work out because Stephanie was moving too fast for Leonard — but when Sheldon Cooper approves of a woman, you know she's a keeper.

7 No sense: Raj & Emily

At the beginning of Emily and Raj's relationship, we were thrilled he found someone who was the total package. As a dermatologist, Emily was both educated and beautiful and made Raj happy. She was his most serious girlfriend on the show.

Sadly, these two didn't always make sense. Raj is like a 10-year-old girl who believes in romance and being swept off his feet. Emily, on the other hand, was more into scary movies, graveyards, and things that genuinely scared Raj.

6 Perfect: Howard & Bernadette

After meeting Howard the "horny engineer," many wondered what woman would dare touch him with a 10-foot pole. He was smart and endearing but he came off too strongly for women — especially Penny.

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Eventually, Penny met Bernadette and thought she and Howard would hit it off because Bernadette was a microbiologist. Fast forward a couple of years and these two are married and are the parents to two kids. Bernadette was the perfect woman to get Howard out of his mother's house and into adult pants.

5 No sense: Leonard & Priya

Fans are divided when it comes to Priya and Leonard. Many thought she was his perfect fit due to their commonalities and advanced degrees. There was just one major problem, though — she's Raj's sister. For starters, Leonard making the moves on his best friend's sister was a low blow. And the fact that she worked out of state was going to be a huge issue in their relationship. They were doomed from the start. Priya also intimidated the heck out of Penny, which made quite the entertaining storyline.

4 Perfect: Stuart & Denise

Stuart was lonely and depressed for a majority of The Big Bang Theory. The happiest (and most confident) we ever saw him was when he went on two dates with Penny. After the rebuild of his comic book store, he began to make a profit and needed some help to keep things running smoothly. That's when Denise was hired.

The two bonded over Star Wars and went on their first date at the beginning of the show's last season. What's even more adorable is the two are seen babysitting Howard and Bernadette's kids while the couple was celebrating Amy and Sheldon's Nobel Prize.

3 No sense: Penny & Stuart

Penny and Stuart Bloom in The Big Bang Theory

Speaking of Stuart... The Stuart we first met versus the Stuart we get to know seem like two completely different people. When Stuart and Penny first meet, he's sly, confident, and kind of quirky. He wasn't this sad sack of loneliness that he later becomes. The two only went on two or three dates. but it was enough to make everyone scratch their heads. Why was Penny giving Stuart a chance in the first place? And why didn't she think to ask Leonard about it since they were already friends? This "relationship" didn't work out and it's probably for the best.

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2 Perfect: Raj & Claire

Raj and Claire could have been endgame. He has a hard time speaking to women — let alone speaking honestly with women— but his fears and his low confidence go out the window when he starts spending time with Claire.

The two met in Season 9 at the comic book store and after feeling an immediate connection to her, Raj rethinks his entire relationship with Emily. When he finally breaks up with Emily, he beings to court Claire but in typical Raj world, the relationship falls apart.

1 No sense: Raj & Isabella

Why were Raj and Isabella a thing? Yes, Isabella was beautiful and smart and caring, but she was also older than Raj and had a son who wasn't that much younger than him. Raj is a young man who wants new experiences with a woman, hoping to have kids of his own one day. Having him be with a woman who didn't see herself with someone as young as Raj made no sense. Howard may have accidentally broken these two up but it was for the best.

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