Big Bang Theory: 10 Biggest Twists & Reveals, Ranked

Twelve years is a long time for anything, especially for a TV show. That gives you an indication of just how popular The Big Bang Theory is. On the air from 2007 until 2019, the show has cultivated a pretty rabid fan base. From the catchy theme“The Theory Of Everything" by The Barenaked Ladies to having the charming Kaley Cuoco and always likable Johnny Galecki as the leads certainly helped the show find an early fan base. Throw in Jim Parsons’ portrayal of Sheldon to make up the core trio of your series and The Big Bang Theory took off pretty quickly.

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Not resting on those laurels alone, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar also debuted in the premier episode and over the years Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik rounded out the main cast. The series came at the perfect time. The superhero movie craze was about to really take off with the MCU debuting a year after this show premiered. Geek culture was about to become the norm amongst a lot of pop culture fans, and presumably, a lot of people just wanted to escape for a few minutes with a silly show like The Big Bang Theory. But the longer it went, more and more storyline threads began to appear too. Here are 10 biggest twists and reveals from the show, ranked.

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10 Penny Calls Out Leonard’s Name

It was known from the second that she became the girl next door that Leonard was in love with Penny. Whether she knew it or not, whether the feeling was mutual or not at first, a Penny had started to like Leonard more and more as well... even if she tried dating other people. She even once dated Stuart before he got all weird and awkward and creepy. But perhaps dating Penny is what did it to the comic book store owner.

In “The Classified Turbulence,” as the two are making out, he gives her the ol “Oh Penny,” but she reciprocated with a name not his own. Yup, it was Leonard’s name.

9 Bernadette’s Pregnant

TV shows generally like to play up the schmaltzy joy-joy feelings of being pregnant and the eventual giving birth. Sometimes this is done with over-emotional expecting mothers and clueless nitwit fathers, both of whom Bernie and Wolowitz were before they became parents!

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Bernadette had little to no interest in being a parent. That all changes in “The Valentino Submergence,” when Bernardette revealed to the stray rabbit that she was, in fact, pregnant.

8 Leonard And Penny Elope

After years of the off-again/on-again, will they or won’t they push and pull between Leonard and Penny, things finally came to a definitive conclusion when they decided to elope. The move at least began as a sweet one in earnest. Leonard’s vows explain that they are both made up of particles from the beginning of time, and Penny quotes Toy Story.

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The night didn’t end as perfectly as one might expect, but their surprise ceremony was as sweet as fans thought and wanted it to be.

7 Penny’s Pregnant

We found out that Penny was pregnant after months of letting Leonard know that she doesn’t want any kids, even to the point that she was trying to be okay with him even helping her ex-boyfriend Zack have a baby of his own.

However, during the opening moments of the series finale, “The Stockholm Syndrome,” we find out that Penny is now pregnant. While she still hasn’t wrapped her head full around it, she has been mothering Sheldon for over a decade, so she’ll be fine.

6 Sheldon’s Nobel Speech

In a lot of ways, every single episode of The Big Bang Theory, built up the series finale, “The Stockholm Syndrome.” All Sheldon ever wanted was to be a respected scientist and win the Nobel Prize for his work. Now that it’s finally happened, it’s easy to see how worked up and egotistical Sheldon would be.

Not to mention how self-congratulatory he would be during his acceptance speech. But then Amy makes him realize what a fool he’s been and how all of his friends have merely tolerated him all of these years. After a brief off-screen self reflection, Sheldon gives the most heartfelt acceptance speech ever, acknowledging how he could not be on that podium without all of his friends.

5 Teller Speaks?!

It took nearly a decade, but we finally met Amy’s dad, Mr. Fowler was played by Teller, the silent half of magic duo, Penn and Teller.

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For those in the know, watching him on the show was a treat to see, especially when he followed through with not speaking, considering his TV wife Kathy Bates did all the speaking for him. That made him finally speaking an actual twist in not just the episode, but pop culture in general.

4 Howard Goes To Space

As scientists, engineers, and sci-fi fans, the boys have all had a lifelong fascination with space. In “The Countdown Reflection,” Howard is getting set to blast off into space and regales his new astronaut friends about the previous week and how Bernadette wanted to get married before he left. All of his friends got ordained so they could all marry the couple.

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That touching twist was followed up by another: Sheldon grasping Amy’s hands an dwishing his friend to “boldly go.”

3 Sheldon Kisses Amy

Amy went all out and planned an entire Valentine’s Day trip for her and Sheldon, which was a train ride to Napa Valley for a romantic getaway. In “The Locomotive Manipulation,” Amy gets him on an old-timey train, which Sheldon loves. He then befriends another train enthusiast on their trip, leaving Amy to hang with Howard and Bernie, who she invited to make Sheldon more comfortable.

What seems like your typical “Sheldon takes Amy for granted” episode becomes a great moment when Amy stands up for herself, demanding some romance. Sheldon gave her some, at first in anger when he planted one on her, then his real feelings took hold and he took hold of Amy.

2 Sheldon Proposes

Since the moment they met, seemingly at least once a season, we all get to experience at least one small leap in the relationship of Sheldon and Amy. After the two characters met, it took Sheldon a long time to admit he liked her, ask her out, hold her hand, kiss her, etc.

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While Amy was patient, it was becoming almost groan-inducing watching her put up with his slower than a snail’s pace approach. Then they broke up, and it was revealed Sheldon had gotten a ring. Sometime after reconciling, another woman actually kissed Sheldon. His made the theoretical physicist find Amy and propose.

1 Raj Speaks To Women

When we first meet Raj, he has a particular affliction: selective mutism. The poor guy can’t talk to women. However, if he had a couple of drinks in him, he could talk to any girl.

This took until the end of the sixth season when he was talking to Penny. She (and the audience) realized that Raj was speaking to her without a drink in his hand.

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