The Big Bang Theory: 10 Best Penny Quotes

Comedy show The Big Bang Theory has a lot of hilarious, iconic lines and a lot of them come from Penny. This girl is hilarious.

The Big Bang Theory may officially be over, but that doesn't mean we're going to stop quoting the show's signature lines anytime soon. Who hasn't thrown in a "Bazinga" to an argument, or sung Soft Kitty at one point in time? Thankfully, there's always YouTube clips and reruns to help us get through our withdrawals.

While some of the show's biggest catchphrases often come from Sheldon, many of the other characters also get their fair share of one-liners in there, too. Especially when they are talking about Sheldon.

Take Penny, for example. Penny is always good for a laugh. She's the honest, tell-it-like-it-is beauty who thrives off putting the guys in their place. Her thinly veiled insults are often covered by calling that person "Sweetie." Sometimes she makes quips about the guys right to their faces because they genuinely have no idea what she's talking about since they are so swept up in their own worlds. However, she's also not afraid to go the extra mile if someone she loves needs help.

In honor of the show's big finale, we're taking a trip down memory lane and taking a look at some of our favorite Penny quotes from the show.

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10 "I love him, but if he's broken, let's not get a new one." 

Big Bang Theory Penny and Sheldon

We know that Penny loves Sheldon deeply. But we also know that she is always making jokes about him being an alien or a weirdo. It's part of their entire friendship's dynamic. In "The Anxiety Optimization," season eight, episode 13, Sheldon is trying to maximize his work environment to increase his productivity, and he thinks that increasing his anxiety is the answer. When Penny and Leonard arrive home from a date, Leonard startles Sheldon and he runs out of the room. This is when Penny states that she doesn't want a new Sheldon if he's broken. We'd probably say the same thing in her shoes. But it is always hard to tell if Sheldon is broken or if he's just being Sheldon.

9 "Alright, Howard Wolowitz, listen up!"

"You sign anything she puts in front of you because you are the luckiest man alive. If you let her go, there is no way you can find anyone else. Speaking on behalf of all women, it is not going to happen. We had a meeting." 

Penny said this in season five, episode 16, "The Vacation Solution," when Howard is reluctant to sign a prenup before marrying Bernadette. The prenup is actually his future father-in-law's idea, and Howard is offended by this. Penny is always one of those people who you can go to for some brutal honesty. She's especially not afraid to give this honesty to Howard. In fact, she is frequently telling him about how creepy or weird he's being. So, when she tells him to smarten up and sign the thing. Ultimately, Howard decides he's going to wait until he's in outer space to talk to Bernadette's scary dad about it.

8 "It's a rough month when Halloween and PMS hit at the same time."

If you're a woman reading this, you know exactly what she means. If you're not a woman, it's not that hard to guess.

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That urge to chow down on every bit of chocolate in sight that comes with that time of the month can be particularly dangerous during Halloween when there is a lot of extra candy laying around. Heck, the urge to simply eat all the Halloween candy before it makes it to the kids' trick or treat bags is one we can all relate to, regardless of PMS cravings.

7 "Amy is right. I do want to fling my poop at her." 

Big Bang Theory Penny annoyed

When Leonard was dating Raj's sister, Priya, this caused a lot of problems for Penny as well as in the group dynamics. At one point, Penny becomes jealous that Priya is able to enjoy all of the things that she worked to train Leonard to do, like not being awkward in the bedroom. Always with neuroscience on the brain, Amy suggests that a study done on Tanzanian chimpanzees found that primates are hard-wired to "fling their waste" at those in the group who need to be ostracized. Then she insists that we all have that urge to fling our waste at those we don't like. Despite denying it, Penny finally admits to maybe having a bit of that urge when she has to endure an awkward conversation with Priya in the hall.

6 "They're going to get beaten up at that club."

Big Bang Theory Penny and Leonard

Leonard: "They're going to get beaten up at that club."Penny: "They're going to get beaten up at Walgreens." 

This line comes from season three, episode three, "The Gothowitz Deviation." In this episode, Raj and Howard decide to dress up as goths in an attempt to pick up girls. They reveal that they need to stop at Walgreens before they leave to buy more makeup. That's when Penny utters this hilarious, and potentially possible, line. Fortunately for Raj and Howard, they end up surviving Walgreens. They do end up meeting Bethany and Sarah, two goth girls known as the "Goth Chicks." However, things fall apart when the girls convince the guys to get tattoos and they chicken out, forcing them to reveal their deceptive plan.

5 "Holy crap on a cracker!" 

Big Bang Theory Penny holy crap on a cracker

This is one of Penny's go-to lines. She says this whenever she's shocked about something. In season two, episode six, "The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem," she says it twice in one episode. One of those times occurs after she opens the guys' apartment door to give them a package that came for them and sees Sheldon on the couch and Ramona working on his feet.

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When Leonard arrives and asks what's happening in there, she tells him the only way she can explain it is "in a therapist's office with dolls." The second time she says it is when Ramona confronts her, accusing her of being in love with Sheldon. Then, Ramona quickly shifts her tune and says, "Sisters?" with a pinkie promise to Penny. As we all know, this isn't the only time we see Ramona shaking things up on the show.

4 "Oh, I get it. Like C-3PO... What happened to me?"

Big Bang Theory Penny

At this moment, in season seven, episode 22, "The Proton Transmogrification," Penny realizes that she's absorbed more nerd talk than she thinks. During this episode, the guys are preparing for a big, epic Star Wars Day celebration, and Penny is beginning to realize that she understands a lot of their Star Wars references. She keeps catching herself acknowledging certain elements of the story, such as knowing that Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star after grieving Obi-Wan's death. At one point, Raj has prepared some fun menu items for the movie marathon. One of these cleverly named menu items is Attack of the Scones, which Penny admits that she realizes is a reference to Attack of the Clones. While she keeps questioning why she knows all this, it's obvious that she's absorbed a lot more than she thinks.

3 "In the olden days, I would have never known he was that stupid." 

Penny in Sheldon's spot in The Big Bang Theory

Over the show's 12 seasons, Penny goes through a lot of character development. In season three, episode 23, "The Lunar Excitation," Penny acknowledges that she's not the same dumb blonde she was when she first moved into the building. In this episode, we first meet Zack. He is a dumb, but good-hearted and well-meaning guy, who dates Penny on and off throughout the show. Despite his lack of intelligence, he actually loves science and always wants to "talk science with the science guys." Unfortunately, those science guys have warped Penny into realizing how dumb Zack really is. Poor guy.

2 2."No one ever bought me drinks at a bar because my brain just popped out of my shirt." 

Big Bang Theory Penny

One of the show's ongoing running gags is Penny's attractiveness, and her ability to get what she wants from men because of it. In season nine, episode eight, "The Mystery Date Observation," Penny and Bernadette are helping Amy get back into the dating game. She's choosing what to wear when Bernadette and Penny talk about her conservative wardrobe style. Amy tries to insist that the brain is actually the sexiest organ, to which Penny makes this comeback.

1 "There's no reason why I shouldn't be the best bisexual go-go dancer slowly transforming into a killer gorilla anyone's ever seen."

Big Bang Theory Penny killer gorilla

In season seven, episode 23, "The Gorilla Dissolution," Penny is cast in the sequel to that embarrassing killer gorilla movie, Serial Ape-ist. At this point, she's become very reluctant to do the movie and is in desperate need of some motivation to keep going. This is what she tells the rest of the gang to find that motivation. Of course, we all know how this ended up.

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