10 Highest-Rated Episodes Of The Big Bang Theory (According To IMDb)

Big Bang Theory fans are a force of nature. When it comes to having over 270 episodes in the span of 12 seasons, fans are bound to have their favorites (and least favorites). According to IMDb, fans have rated every episode from Season 1 all the way to Season 12 using a star rating. Granted, the first episode of the iconic series only received a 6.8-star rating, but the series sure has come a long way since then.

With the help of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy, and Bernadette (okay, you too, Stuart!), Big Bang Theory has been nominated for countless awards and made these young stars big names in Hollywood (not to mention rich). With the help of fans on IMDb, here are the highest ranking episodes throughout the 12 seasons.

10 The Panty Piñata Polarization - 8.8

In the second season, "The Panty Piñata Polarization" showed Penny and Sheldon going head-to-head. After Penny reaches for one of Sheldon's onion rings, he grows distraught and fed up with her barging into his life and stealing his food and Wi-fi.

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He gives her three strikes and bans her from coming into his home again. From there, the two do everything they can to interfere with each other's lives, while Howard and Raj are busy trying to break into the America's Next Top Model house.

9 The Robotic Manipulation - 8.8

Season 4's premiere, "The Robotic Manipulation", was a great episode, earning an 8.8. In this hilarious episode, Sheldon goes on his first date with Amy, while Penny tags along to make sure they even knew what a date is. Back home, we find Howard in a pickle as he used a robotic hand to help know...when the hand got stuck! In a ton of pain, Howard calls his friends to help out, where they ended up taking him to the hospital to get his *thing* released.

8 The Barbarian Sublimation - 8.8

Big Bang Theory - Kaley Cuoco as Penny

As the third episode in Season 2, "The Barbarian Sublimation" deserved a higher rating strictly based on Penny's change of lifestyle. In this episode, Penny is introduced to the world of online gaming, where she becomes so obsessed that she forgets to go to work, shower, or even date.

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Since Sheldon is the person who got her into the world of online gaming—after a bad day—he tries his best to break her out of the spell by setting her up with a guy. This, of course, doesn't work out when Penny is so far gone, she even has Cheetos in her hair.

7 The Thanksgiving Decoupling - 8.9

Thanksgiving is always a little awkward for some families because it's a lot of people under one roof. In this instance, the gang decides to have Thanksgiving at Mrs. Wolowitz's house. What was supposed to be a big day of eating turns into a bloodbath after Leonard finds out Penny was legally married to her ex-boyfriend Zack.

Penny explains the blunder by insisting that getting married in Las Vegas is a "joke," but everyone assures her those marriages are, in fact, real. Stunned, Penny invites Zack to Thanksgiving dinner while Leonard is too busy shading the entire situation, making Penny mad at him even more.

6 The Bow Tie Asymmetry - 9.0

5 The Adhesive Duck Deficiency - 9.0

In the third season of Big Bang Theory, we find Leonard, Raj, and Howard on a camping trip. As we discover, Sheldon isn't a camper (and I think we all know Penny wouldn't be too keen on camping either). Excited to have a night to himself, Sheldon is ordering food when he hears Penny cry for help across the hall.

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As it turns out, she slipped in the tub and injured her shoulder; Sheldon assumes it's because she didn't have adhesive ducks in her bathtub. Nevertheless, as we see Sheldon dress and take care of Penny in the hospital, it's a moment where these two become closer, which was sweet for fans.

4 The Opening Night Excitation - 9.1

Reaching the 11th episode of the ninth season, "The Opening Night Excitation" received a 9.1-star rating on IMDbThis episode was a real doozy because, after five years of dating, Sheldon finally decides that he and Amy can "spend the night" together. This was right after the two broke up briefly, and since it was her birthday, Sheldon really had little room for error. It was a big night for her and the one thing she wanted more than anything for her birthday, was him. Shamy fans unite!

3 The Staircase Implementation - 9.1

Towards the end of the third season, we finally get to know how this group came to be. Leonard takes us all on a walk back in time, as he tells Penny exactly what happened. After needing a roommate, Leonard applied to meet Sheldon face-to-face in the apartment, where Sheldon then quizzed him. The more Leonard answered correctly (according to Sheldon), the more likely he was to live there.

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After being an acceptable roommate for Sheldon, Leonard makes himself at home by, you know, buying furniture for the apartment and having friends over. While Sheldon was furious at first, he's come a long way. Now his biggest obsession is only his "spot."

2 The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis - 9.2

As the 11th episode in Season 2, "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" received a 9.2 rating. In this time frame, Penny is finally buds with the gang across the hall when she meet Leonard's new, attractive "friend" David. Penny and David hit it off immediately, with Penny showing a sudden "interest" in science. This of course pisses Leonard off, but all he can do it sit on the sidelines and watch them blow up. Meanwhile, Sheldon is in a tizzy because Penny gave him an awesome Christmas gift, and now he must follow suit and get one for her as well. Watching Sheldon, Raj, and Howard figure out an equally amazing gift for Penny was rather humorous.

1 The Stockholm Syndrome - 9.6

Season 12, Episode 24, "The Stockholm Syndrom" was without a doubt the highest-ranking episode since it was the series finale. Fans of the show have been watching for years and it was important to see how the story lines wrapped up.

In this episode, everyone's getting ready for Amy and Sheldon's Nobel Prize ceremony. Bernadette and Howard are preparing to leave their two kids for the first time, Leonard and Penny find out she's pregnant, and Raj brings Sarah Michelle Gellar as his date. The episode was dramatic, comical, and of course, heartfelt.

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