Big Bang Theory: 10 Hilarious Amy Memes That Will Make You Say "Bazinga!"

Amy Farrah Fowler went from being the weird character who was just as much of an outsider as Sheldon to, in many ways, becoming the heart and soul of The Big Bang Theory. It was her love for her friends that often became the driving force behind later episodes, which is something fans wouldn't expect from the sitcom's early episodes.

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Through it all, we saw the aloof and distant neuroscientist shed her inhibitions, successfully get her insecurities under control, and finally become a valued friend to the group and a loving wife to Sheldon. It was a heartwarming and often-hilarious personal journey. In loving memory of Amy's journey, here are 10 memes about her that capture the funny side of the entire Amy saga.

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10 Like Peas In A Pod

It is a testament to Jim Parson's acting skills that he was able to make a character such as Sheldon likable. In the beginning, Amy was meant to be little more than a female Sheldon, only more annoying so that the other people in the group would hate her.

But once again, the actress behind the character, Mayim Bialik, was so good that she was able to make Amy endearing to the audience. It is thus quite unfair that Parsons has won many Emmys for his performance, but Bialik has not.

9 The Wicked Witch

There is a striking resemblance between the actress who played the Wicked Witch in The Wizard Of Oz and Amy. If the writers of the show had been aware of this fact, they would surely have made a reference to it on the show, which was chock full of shout-outs to popular culture.

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But it is quite amusing to imagine the sweet and helpful Amy as the Wicked Witch to Bernadette's Dorothy, Howard's Scarecrow, Sheldon's Tinman and Raj's Cowardly Lion.

8 Three's A Crowd

Sheldon does not feel the sting of the green-eyed monster very often since he is usually convinced he is better than everyone else. Amy is the chink in his armor and the exception to the rule, and Wil Wheaton knows just how to piece Sheldon's armor and infuriate him.

We can totally imagine Wheaton doing something like this just to piss off Sheldon. It's also not hard to imagine Amy playing along, hoping to awaken the inner possessive caveman in her nerdy boyfriend.

7 Going Full Method

You could say Mayim Bialik went full method acting while playing Amy. Her character is a neurobiologist on the show, and Bialik actually spent her entire life studying the subject. She clocked in endless hours of toil, until she finally earned a doctorate in neurobiology and felt confident enough to portray the character of Amy justice.

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Okay, it didn't actually happen that way. Probably the writers of the show were aware of Bialik's credentials and arranged the character to work in the same field.

6 TV Ugly

It is repeatedly emphasized that Amy is the ugly duckling to Penny's beautiful swan. But that is actually just a case of  what some people like to call "TV-ugliness." In reality, Bialik is a good-looking woman but for The Big Bang Theory, she's deliberately made to wear oversized, ill-fitting clothes and giant glasses to hide her figure and face.

On the few occasions when she was allowed to dress up for an episode, Amy proved she could work it just as well as Penny or Bernadette.

5 Amy's Views On Relationships

To say that Amy had a somewhat protected and sheltered childhood would be an understatement. She had an overbearing mother and a spineless mouse of a father, meaning mommy ran roughshod over Amy's sense of freedom and personal space all throughout her younger days.

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The result was that little Amy ended up having some extremely warped views on sex and relationships, which dogged her through most of her adult life until Sheldon and the gang helped her open up and relax socially.

4 The Weirdest Couple

Amy and Sheldon are quite proud of their relationship, which is built on a solid bedrock of cold logic and lots of relationship agreement contracts. Despite how bizarre these arrangements might seem to others, Amy firmly believes that she and Sheldon had the best handle on being in a solid and supportive relationship.

So it's no wonder that by her standards and experiences, Amy would think that other couples with their more obvious and frequent lovers' spats would be weird and messy.

3 Amy And Penny Sitting In A Tree

Amy loves Sheldon but we're pretty sure she's more attracted to Penny. The relationship between the two became a running gag on the show, with most jokes centering on completely inappropriate remarks Amy sometimes makes about Penny's skin, body, figure and sense of humor. Penny herself seems to have resigned herself to Amy's girlish adoration of her... assets.

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Not that we can blame Amy. On a show filled with attractive women, Penny still manages to stand a class apart, which is why her being married tot Leonard is often the biggest mystery to other characters on the show.

2 What Sheldon Is Thinking

This was one of those scenes which were born to be misinterpreted after appearing online in the form of a meme divorced from the episode's actual context. Let's face it, Sheldon would be the last guy to be focusing on a woman's backside during a conversation, even if the woman in question is Amy.

He would be much more inclined to be listening carefully to what she's saying so that he can catch any grammar or information mistakes she made that he could self-importantly correct later. After, Sheldon's got his priorities straight.

1 Avoiding 'The Talk'

Now that the two are married, it's strange to look back on a time when Sheldon avoided calling Amy his girlfriend. In fact, it was Amy who first declared her love for Sheldon while he resisted any romancing.

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We can totally imagine that earlier version of Sheldon going to great lengths to dodge having a conversation about his feelings for Amy, even if it meant pretending to be gay. It's a testament to how much Sheldon has grown that he was able to not only declare his love but also walk down the aisle with her.

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