Batman Actor Coming to Big Bang Theory Episode 200

Batman and Robin

Considering both the premise of the series and its ongoing popularity, it's really no wonder that CBS' sitcom staple The Big Bang Theory has played host to quite a few notable names from the world of geekdom over its soon-to-be 10-season run. The latest pop-culture legend to find his way to the Big Bang set is Adam West, best known for his iconic portrayal of Batman in the infamously campy 1960s TV series and its theatrical spinoff movie.

West will be appearing as himself in The Big Bang Theory's 200th episode, a huge milestone for any series to reach, especially one that is still regularly the highest-rated comedy on broadcast TV. Details about the episode's title or actual plot are still being kept under wraps for now, but the show will air on Thursday, February 25.

Joining West will be past Big Bang guest stars John Ross Bowie, Christine Baranski, Sara Gilbert, and Wil Wheaton. Those actors portray the gang's rival university professor Barry Kripke, Leonard's far-too-blunt mom, Leonard's ex Leslie Winkle, and an exaggerated version of himself, respectively. Considering the magnitude of the occasion, it really wouldn't be too surprising for some surprise guests to pop up as well. Unfortunately for Bat-fans, West's co-star Burt Ward is not scheduled to be a part of the festivities.

TV Show Mistakes Big Bang Theory

Now that Adam West is confirmed as a guest star, one wonders what exactly he'll be doing. It's been made clear in the past that the four male main characters are big Batman fans, and once mistook a passerby for West in a previous episode. It's hard to imagine that Big Bang's writers will miss the opportunity for dozens of Caped Crusader related puns. Maybe the gang will somehow get their hands on an old-school Batmobile? The creative possibilities for West are wide open at this point.

When you consider that such geek luminaries as Firefly's Summer Glau, comic book god Stan Lee, and Star Trek's George Takei and Leonard Nimoy have all dropped in for guest roles on Big Bang, it's actually kind of odd that such a seemingly obvious choice as Adam West hasn't already graced the series with his presence before such a late season. Still, better late than never. Here's hoping his appearance lives up to expectations, helping The Big Bang Theory's 200th episode to reach Batman-worthy levels of hilarity.

The Big Bang Theory season 9 airs Thursdays at 8pm on CBS.

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