BH90210: Who Will Leave The Show In Season 2?

BH90210's season 1 cliffhanger teased the possibility that someone will leave the reboot. Here are the most likely candidates to exit the FOX series.

BH90210 Reboot Cast

A BH90210 castmember may leave the show if it gets picked up for season 2 but who will it be? The original cast of Beverly Hills 90210 reunited for the reboot of their classic 1990s FOX drama series. Not only are they executive producers but Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty, Gabrielle Carteris, Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering, and Brian Austin Green played heightened versions of themselves as they set out to launch a reboot of 90210.

The six-episode BH90210 season 1 centered around the problems the West Beverly Gang encountered as they come back together after 20 years to shoot their reboot's pilot episode. Unhappy at first to be together again, the 90210 cast settled old scores and bonded as they faced all-new drama, like Christine Elise, who played Emily Valentine on the original series, becoming their taskmaster FOX network executive. Meanwhile, the 90210 BFFs faced someone stalking them and setting fire to their sets, Brian Austin Green discovered he may have a long-lost son, Gabrielle Carteris explored her interest in women (especially Christine Elise), while Jennie Garth dated her bodyguard and bickered with Jason Priestley. Through it all, Tori Spelling tried to hold the show together as their producer and Shannen Doherty returned as a completely different person from the troublemaker she was in her youth.

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The BH90210 season 1 finale ended with a bombshell: Even though their 90210 reboot was picked up by FOX, the cast found out that they'll have to reshoot their pilot from scratch in Canada instead of on-location in Beverly Hills, they'll need a new writer, and, worst of all, due to budget issues, not all of the 90210 actors will be brought back for the reboot when it goes to series. Since the show operates on various meta-levels, the 90210 reboot dropping an actor storyline could also be BH92010's method of setting up Shannen Doherty's exit from the revival series since she's the one most likely to leave BH90210 after season 1.

Doherty was the only original Beverly Hills 90210 actor who held out from signing on to the revival series. Even Luke Perry committed to joining BH90210 before his untimely death in March 2019. In fact, it was only after Perry passed away that Doherty decided to join BH90210, in part to honor Luke Perry's memory. In-storyline, BH90210 toyed with Doherty's importance to the reboot by Christine Elise demanding that Shannen be part of the cast and producer Tori Spelling bending over backward to get Doherty to come aboard, including Shannen being paid more than the rest of the BH90210 cast. In real life, however, Doherty is bullish about remaining with BH90210 if they get a season 2; the actress told US Weekly, "I think we should just focus on the six [season 1 episodes] because — no projecting into the future." Still, Doherty has plenty of time to choose to stick with the reboot and she's already surprised 90210 fans before.

The rest of the BH90210 cast seem to be too important to leave the reboot. In real life, Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling created BH90210 and Priestley, Ziering, and Green are all pivotal 90210 players. The only other BH90210 regular that might possibly exit the reboot could be Gabrielle Carteris; because the new pilot will shoot in Canada, Gabrielle might opt to stay in LA to save her fragile marriage. But considering how timely Carteris' LGBTQ storyline is and how it adds an important element of representation to BH90210, it's also hard to imagine her leaving the reboot.

It's also very possible that no actor will actually leave the 90210 reboot in-storyline and that this is just a compelling cliffhanger meant to hook fans to come back if there's a BH90210 season 2. And even if one of the West Beverly Gang were forced to "leave" their fictional reboot, it also doesn't mean they wouldn't still remain part of BH90210's bizarre-yet-entertaining meta-reality, considering the wild twists and turns the series has taken so far.

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