15 Secrets Even True Fans Didn’t Know About Beyoncé And Jay-Z’s Marriage

You can't be the most powerful couple on earth and still keep everything a secret forever.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z might be the most famous couple on the planet. As such, they have tried to keep their relationship under wraps as much as possible.

Often, rumors will swirl about the couple's relationship long before anyone privy to the truth offers up any confirmation.

Still, you can't be the most powerful couple on earth and still be able to keep everything a secret forever. Insider sources and unauthorized biographies have a way of airing the secrets celebrities don't want to tell.

Bey and Jay have been the subject of some crazy stories over the years. Conspiracy theorists have proposed wild ideas about the Queen's pregnancies.

Fans of the singer have had their eye out for signs that her man was cheating on her for years. No matter how small the story may seem, when details break about this super couple, it's big news.

From that infamous elevator fight to relying on Oprah for dating advice to trademarking their daughter's name, here are the 15 Secrets Even True Fans Didn’t Know About Beyoncé And Jay-Z’s Marriage.

15 Jay-Z Admitted To Cheating On Beyoncé

Rumors had swirled around Beyoncé and Jay-Z's marriage for years. Many believed that Jay-Z had cheated on her and some thought Bey's iconic album, Lemonade, had called her husband out for his misdeeds.

Finally, a year after his wife's industry-shattering album, Jay-Z admitted the truth.

When speaking to the New York Times Jay-Z admitted that he didn't really like himself and had a lot of issues with his self-esteem. He revealed that his personal struggles caused him to be unable to connect with others on an emotional level.

He then said that in his case, infidelity had been a result of his emotional issues. Jay-Z also admitted that he had gone to therapy for help with these issues.

He also revealed that his own album, 4:44, did indeed address the incident, as did Beyoncé's Lemonade. Jay-Z said he supported Bey's album and her right to "share her truth."

14 Beyoncé's Dad Laughed At The Infamous Elevator Confrontation

At a ritzy Met Gala afterparty in 2014, Solange Knowles let loose on Jay-Z at the Standard Hotel in New York.

Speculation ran wild, with many believing that Solange had learned of Jay-Z's infidelity and had attacked her brother-in-law to defend her sister.

Despite public opinion leaning toward infidelity, nobody involved confirmed the reason for the attack. Jay-Z referred to the incident as the only time that the two of them had not gotten along.

Late last month, Beyoncé and Solange's father, Matthew Knowles, spoke up about the elevator attack.

He told Wendy Williams that that behavior was very much like his daughter.

Knowles admitted that he had "laughed so hard" when he saw the video of the attack. The proud dad went on to say that he didn't know where Solange got her "firecracker" attitude from.

13 Beyoncé Tells Off Women Who Flirt With Jay-Z

Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish has had a lot to say about Queen Bey recently. Haddish shattered the internet last month when she told GQ that an unidentified actress bit Bey on the face at a party.

Earlier in the year in February, Haddish had dropped another Bey bomb-- the Queen doesn't take kindly to women flirting with her man.

According to Haddish, when Beyoncé saw an actress put her hands on her husband's chest, she inserted her dominance. Haddish said Bey came over and told the woman to remove her hands from her husband's body.

The actress then said that the two had taken a selfie together. This incident seems to have happened at the same party as that crazy bite. Could this have been the same woman?

12 Rihanna’s Publicist Lied About Her Relationship With Jay-Z

When Rihanna burst on the music scene in 2005, rumors claimed that Jay-Z was cheating on Beyoncé with the young singer.

The rumors were never confirmed to be true, but they have followed the couple and RiRi for years.

Well, it turns out that those rumors were complete and total lies-- and they were all to sell a few singles.

Rihanna's publicist at the time, Jonathan Hay, had fabricated the lie to drum up publicity for RiRi's single, "Pon de Replay".

When he realized how much pain his marketing scheme had caused the couple, Hay finally came forward ten years later in 2015.

Hay said that he hadn't expected the story to be as big as it was and that he felt sick over the results of his lie.

11 They Broke Up For A Year Over Cheating Rumors

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have always presented a united front. No matter what is going on with their relationship, they keep their private life to themselves.

However, that didn't stop a bombshell tell-all book from being published. J. Randy Taraborrelli wrote the unauthorized biography, Becoming Beyoncé, in which some major claims were made about the couple's relationship.

In the book, Taraborrelli claimed that Bey and Jay had actually split for a year when the rumors of Jay-Z's alleged affair with Rihanna broke in 2005.

According to Taraborrelli, it was Jay-Z's support of Rihanna that at least partially caused the elevator fight with Solange in 2014.

The author said that Bey had refused to allow Jay-Z to attend a party for RiRi and that Solange had overheard the fight.

10 Beyoncé Didn’t Like Jay-Z At First

According to the unauthorized biography, Becoming Beyoncé, Bey was not into Jay-Z when the couple first met. However, that was okay because Jay-Z wasn't really into her either.

The book maintains that the couple saw an opportunity to strengthen their brand through an alliance.

Sources claimed that Bey would earn credibility, having been mainly a pop star. Jay-Z was said to have wanted to broaden his audience outside his Rap fanbase.

Beyoncé's mother, Tina Knowles, is credited as the reason why the couple got together.

The book claims that Tina had talked Beyoncé into going on a date with Jay-Z. This all sounds very cold and calculating, but the book also states that over time, the two really did fall for each other in the end.

9 They Were Friends For Over A Year Before Dating

According to Beyoncé herself, she and Jay-Z took their time before jumping into anything.

Queen Bey told good friend Oprah that the couple had been friends for a year and a half before going on their first date.

However, that doesn't mean that they weren't spending as much time together as they could-- they just did it in a different way.

Beyoncé said that she and Jay-Z spent that year and a half talking to each other on the phone on a frequent basis.

According to the "Formation" singer, this helped them to build a foundation for a strong and happy marriage.

Bey gave her husband credit for her amazing success, saying she wouldn't be the person she is today if she didn't "go home to that man."

8 Oprah Told Them Not To Tell Anyone They Were Dating

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have always been a very private couple. They were rumored to be dating before they ever confirmed their relationship.

The couple was also secretive about their pregnancies. They even got married in a private, secret wedding ceremony.

It turns out, another powerful celebrity had told them to keep their relationship under wraps: Oprah.

During an interview with Beyoncé, Oprah revealed that she had given Bey some sage advice when she was first on her show. The talk show host told the singer never to reveal who she was dating.

Oprah noted that Beyoncé had taken her advice to heart. She then jokingly told Beyoncé it was okay to tell people who she is married to, an obvious reference to the couple's famously private relationship.

7 Jay-Z Ended His Grammys Boycott To Support Beyoncé

Did you know there was a time when Jay-Z refused to participate in the Grammys? For six years, between 1998 and 2004, Jay-Z refused to show up to the ceremony, regardless of how many nominations he received.

The rapper claimed that he was boycotting the Grammys because he felt the ceremony failed to acknowledge talented rappers.

Jay-Z's self-imposed boycott was lifted in 2004. Queen Bey dropped her first solo album, Dangerously in Love, in 2003.

She went on to collect five Grammy awards for the album the following year. Dangerously in Love was granted Best Contemporary R&B Album, along with four other Grammys.

This album contained the couple's popular duet, "Crazy in Love", which helped spark dating rumors. Jay-Z attended the ceremony in support of Bey.

6 They Were Working On A Joint Album

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Fans of Bey and Jay have been dying for the pair to release a joint album forever. Now, with their planned joint tour in the near future, that hope has been renewed.

It turns out that the power couple had, in fact, planned to release a joint album at one point in time. It just seems that plan didn't exactly pan out.

According to Jay-Z himself, the couple hadn't set out to record their tell-all albums. Beyoncé and Jay-Z had begun working on a joint album when she decided to break away and record Lemonade.

Jay-Z noted that Bey's music ended up surpassing what they had tried to create together.

He wasn't exactly cut out, but he was there the whole time offering support and advice. However, in Jay-Z's opinion, it became necessary to release Beyoncé's album first.

5 They Once Crashed A Karaoke Party Together

The family that slays together, stays together. It turns out that you don't need tour tickets or an invitation to the Grammys to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z perform together.

You just need to be enthusiastically performing one of Queen Bey's songs at a karaoke joint, as two women discovered in Florida four years ago.

Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Destiny Child's Kelly Rowland, and several friends were hanging out at the Sing Sing karaoke bar in Miami.

 The group overheard a group of girls singing Bey's "Party" and decided to join in.

The bar's owner said that Beyoncé and company crashed the party much to the girls' confusion.

One partygoer noted that Rowland looked like the former Destiny's Child star and then realized it was all true after recognizing Bey herself.

4 They Are Worth A Billion Dollars

It's no joke when people describe Beyoncé and Jay-Z as a power couple. Not only are they hugely successful and influential in the music industry, they have the cash to prove it.

As of last year, the couple was worth a combined billion dollars.

Beyoncé earned $350 million at the age of 35, a million for each year of her life. By the age of 47, Jay-Z had earned $810 million.

This put the superstar couple's worth at a combined $1.16 billion just months before they welcomed their twins into the world.

With their upcoming, highly anticipated, joint tour, we can only assume their income is about to skyrocket once again. We're sure Bey's upcoming Coachella appearance will pad the couple's wallets a little too.

3 They Rented An Entire Hospital Floor

When Beyoncé gave birth to Blue Ivy in 2012, rumors claimed the new parents had rented out the entire fourth floor of the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

The reports claimed that the happy parents had paid a hefty $1.3 million to secure the floor. A spokesman denied that these rumors were true. However, lots of reports seemed to indicate otherwise.

Neil Coulon claimed to have been stopped from entering the neonatal intensive care unit when trying to visit his twins. His wife, Rozz Nash-Colon, claimed that Beyoncé and Jay-Z's security had stopped her, saying that hazardous material was being dealt with in the building.

She also claimed that security cameras had been taped over. The hospital said they tried to make sure that the celebrity birth would not impact the other families.

2 They Tried To Trademark Blue Ivy’s Name

Shortly after the birth of their daughter in 2012, Beyoncé and Jay-Z filed a petition to trademark her name.

The couple had apparently wanted to reserve the name for a possible future line of infant products. However, they weren't the only ones who tried to claim ownership over the name Blue Ivy.

Veronica Alexandra also tried to patent the name, as she had started a wedding planning company with the same name in 2009.

Alexandra was happy to be allowed to continue using the name and expressed disappointment in the celebrity couple.

The wedding planner said that there was no way Beyoncé and Jay-Z "should have entitlement" just because they were famous.

While Alexandra was able to continue using the name for her wedding planning ventures, the couple is able to use it in other sorts of businesses.

1 They Once Suffered A Miscarriage

Every time Beyoncé becomes pregnant, the internet has a field day. Did she really give birth to her first child? Were her twins conceived naturally? Did they really rent out an entire hospital wing?

The conspiracy theories are endless. Sadly, Beyoncé's first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage. Thankfully for the grieving parents, it was largely kept out of the public eye.

In her Life Is But a Dream documentary, Bey opened up about the emotional incident. Beyoncé said that she was excited to be pregnant. She had heard the baby's heartbeat and had picked out names.

The singer also said that she was devastated to go in for a doctor's appointment only to discover the heartbeat was no longer there.

Bey said she wrote "one of the saddest songs" she'd ever written as a form of therapy after this sad event.


Can you think of any other secrets about Beyoncé and Jay-Z? Sound off in the comments!

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