Kurtwood Smith on 'Beware the Batman' Animated Series & Playing Gordon

Kurtwood Smith Talks Beware the Batman Plot

When Beware the Batman premieres on Cartoon Network next year, it’ll be the ninth animated iteration of the Caped Crusader on television, and the first to be animated using a computer.

Yesterday, Kurtwood Smith -- better known as Red Forman on That 70s Show or the psycho killer from Robocop – talked about his role in Beware the Batman as Lieutenant Gordon, and what we can expect from the show in general.

Straight from Smith’s mouth, courtesy of Movie Web:

"We just started. We've only recorded two [episodes], before Christmas. I like the general thrust of the show. It's early in the Batman story. Commissioner Gordon isn't even Commissioner yet, he's just Lieutenant Gordon. He doesn't trust Batman, even though they kind of end up helping each other out on an early case. Batman, in a lot of ways, is learning his way, and the relationship between he and Alfred is developing. It's fun and it's kind of straight in that regard, as opposed to being campy. I think it's going to be good, but it won't be out for at least a year or so."

It’s interesting that, despite the fact that The Dark Knight Rises will feature a more mature Batman, Beware the Batman is going with a younger, greener Batman – a la the recently released animated movie Batman: Year One and the upcoming Batman: Earth One graphic novel written by Geoff Johns. (Hopefully, that doesn’t mean he’ll be some punk, brooding kid, because we’ve seen that version one too many times.)

In addition to Batman’s experience (or lack thereof), the show seems to share a more badass Alfred with Earth One. Apparently, in Geoff Johns’ take on the Dark Knight’s inception, Bruce Wayne was trained by tough guy Alfred instead of ninja masters halfway across the world. In Beware, Alfred will take a page out of John Woo’s playbook and brandish double pistols. Can slow-motion doves be far behind? Let us cross our fingers in hopes that they are.

Beware the Batman Full Poster Image

The one image we’ve seen of Beware the Batman (above) looked intriguing enough, but it was a still image – there’s no telling how unfortunate this computer-animated Batman could end up being. While the more recent Green Lantern: The Animated Series can get away with textureless, plastic-looking models (to a certain extent) an animated Batman will need to be more gritty. And not just in terms of story, but also visually-speaking. Hopefully, they can pull it off.


Beware the Batman is expected to premiere in 2013 as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation animation block.

Source: Movie Web

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