'Beverly Hills Cop' TV Series Finds a Home at CBS

The 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV series from Eddie Murphy and Shawn Ryan (The Shield) has been picked up by CBS.

Beverly Hills Cop - CBS

Just last week we learned that Eddie Murphy and The Shield creator Shawn Ryan were shopping around a Beverly Hills Cop TV series as a continuation of the original film franchise. Now the potential series has landed a pretty sweet deal on network television.

CBS has agreed to a "put-pilot" order for the series, in which Eddie Murphy will appear in addition to acting as an executive producer. This means that the pilot is guaranteed to air or CBS will have to pay a penalty to the show's producers. This also likely means that a series order for at least one season is very likely, especially with Ryan as an executive producer.

As Variety reports, the deal comes after all four major networks made offers to land the new version of Beverly Hills Cop. The show will follow Aaron Foley (the son of Murphy's Axel Foley character), a blue-collar cop in the land of the rich and famous, who struggles to get out of his larger-than-life father's shadow.

Murhpy is reprising his role as the senior Foley in the pilot, and while the actor previously said he would be the chief of police, it remains to be seen if that's still the case. One would think the chief of police would be integral enough to the show to appear in every episode, but Murphy will only appear in the pilot and maybe guest star in a few episodes every now and then. Other familiar faces from the franchise - like Judge Reinhold - would also make for some fun guest stars at some point.

Beverly Hills Cop - Eddie Murphy and Judge Reinhold

However, the question is who will play Aaron Foley? So far there's been one clear nomination: Community star Donald Glover. If Community indeed ends up going under after the forthcoming shortened season 4 - like NBC and fans seems to think it will - Glover would be free to take on a new series. He has a great comedic sensibility, and if people were interested in his campaign to become Spider-Man, they obviously believe he can pull off action, too.

BHC has a lot of potential with Ryan on board - a decision Murphy helped foster when he decided that he wanted a seasoned cop writer rather than just a comedy writer to make the show work. Considering that a cohesive blend of crime drama and Murphy's brand of comedy was what made the original film work so well, it's prudent for the actor/comedian to realize that the TV version has to be more than just a straight-up comedy series.

Beverly Hills Cop will likely premiere in 2013, but stay tuned as it develops.


Source: Variety


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