'Beverly Hills Cop' Pilot Adds Director Barry Sonnenfeld & Kevin Pollak

Kevin Pollak and David Denman

Since the new Beverly Hills Cop TV series from The Shield creator Shawn Ryan already has Brandon T. Jackson (Tropic Thunder) lined up to star as Axel Foley's son, Aaron, it's time to round up a supporting cast for the CBS pilot.

In addition to Eddie Murphy producing and guest-starring in the pilot as his film franchise character, Axel Foley, now the chief of police, comedian and character actor Kevin Pollak (A Few Good Men) has also joined the cast along with David Denman, who you might know better as Roy from The Office.

In case you haven't been keeping up with the news, the Beverly Hills Cop series has a pilot order and plans to be a continuation of the film series that starred Murphy. But this time it'll be Aaron Foley who deals with criminals in the vicinity of the rich and famous in California's most famous zipcode. However, having Murphy show up occasionally after the pilot would seem a little forced if he's the Detroit police chief and his son is in California. But we don't really know the full story yet. Maybe Murphy will actually just be a detective still working in Beverly Hills, which would be a better reason for him to show up from time to time.

THR reports Pollak will play Rodney Daloof, the in-house lawyer for the Beverly Hills Police Department. The trade says the character is "incredibly risk-averse, a stickler for the rules and a loud-mouthed bully." Sounds like something Pollak should have no trouble with, especially after his turn in Kevin Smith's buddy-cop comedy, Cop Out.

Meanwhile, a separate report says Denman is playing Brad Fullmer, another Beverly Hills detective. The character sounds very similar to the Judge Reinhold role from the film series, as he's described as "strong, loyal and socially awkward but a good guy to have on your side." There's still another role yet to be cast, and that's Fullmer's partner, Leila.

Brandon T. Jackson - Beverly Hills Cops

Finally, Deadline has word on who will direct the pilot written by Ryan: Hollywood filmmaker Barry Sonnenfeld (who directed all three Men in Black films) will direct the episode that hopefully leads to a full season order. Since the director delivered some great buddy comedy between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, crafting the same style in this hour-long crime procedural with comedic elements shouldn't be too hard.

CBS has agreed to a “put-pilot” order for the series, which means that the pilot is guaranteed to air or CBS will have to pay a penalty to the show’s producers. This also likely means that a series order for at least one season is very likely, especially with this kind of talent assembled, and the success of the network's other reboot procedural, Hawaii Five-O. Hopefully the BHC doesn't take a turn for the worse in the production phase of things.


We suspect you'll see the Beverly Hills Cop pilot air on CBS in the fall. Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: THR, Deadline

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