'Beverly Hills Cop' Pilot to Reunite Judge Reinhold & Eddie Murphy

Judge Reinhold - Beverly Hills Cop

Eddie Murphy isn't the only one returning to 90210 for the CBS series pilot continuation of Beverly Hills Cop starring Brandon T. Jackson. Another franchise star has been confirmed for a cameo alongside the once thriving stand-up comedian and Saturday Night Live veteran.

Judge Reinhold, who played the poindexter detective Billy Rosewood in the original film series, will pop up in the pilot for Beverly Hills Cop at CBS. As expected, he'll be reprising the same role alongside Murphy's laid back Axel Foley.

The Wrap says Rosewood has been given a big promotion from his old job, but they didn't specify what that might be. It has been said that Foley is the new chief of police (though that's yet to be confirmed officially), so maybe Reinhold is a captain. It would even be interesting if Rosewood became some sort of politician in Beverly Hills.

Though right now there's only plans for Murphy to show up in the pilot, there's a chance that he could also pop up later in the series, especially during sweeps weeks. It's likely the same situation with Judge Reinhold, though he seems to be less busy than Murphy.

Brandon T. Jackson and Judge Reinhold
Judge Reinhold with 'Beverly Hills Cop' co-star Brandon T. Jackson

Reinhold is the latest to join a promising pilot cast which also includes Kevin Pollak (Cop Out, A Few Good Men) and David Denman (Roy from The Office). It seems fitting that he'll return since he was spotted with Brandon T. Jackson at Spike TV's One Night Only celebration of Eddie Murphy's career.

The pilot is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (who directed all three Men in Black films) and follows Aaron Foley (Jackson), son of Murphy's character Axel, who deals with criminals in the vicinity of the rich and famous in California’s most famous zipcode. Does this mean we might get some celebrity cameos from time to time? That could be kind of a tired gimmick after awhile, but it's Beverly Hills after all.

CBS has agreed to a “put-pilot” order for the series, which means that the pilot is guaranteed to air or CBS will have to pay a penalty to the show’s producers. This also likely means that a series order for at least one season is very likely, especially with this kind of talent assembled, and the success of the network’s other reboot procedural, Hawaii Five-O.

Stay tuned for updates on Beverly Hills Cop, presumed to arrive this fall on CBS.


Source: The Wrap

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