'Beverly Hills Cop' Set Photos Reveal Axel Foley and Son

Axel Foley and Son in the 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV Show

Still trying to figure out whether you should be excited about the Beverly Hills Cop resurrection vehicle/CBS pilot? Maybe these photos of Eddie Murphy’s return as Axel Foley will help.

The pilot, which will star Tropic Thunder's Brandon T. Jackson as Aaron Foley (Axel Foley's son), started filming yesterday with Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld behind the camera and Shawn Ryan behind the scenes as executive producer. 

Naturally, Ryan couldn't help but make news with his twitter feed, showing off pictures from the set that featured Jackson and the original franchise star, Eddie Murphy, who will be reprising his role in the pilot and occasional episodes down the line. He's also working as an executive producer on the project.

Check out the photos below:


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We'll have to wait till we see some actual footage to know if Murphy wears his iconic Detroit Lions varsity jacket, but thanks to Ryan, we know that it's at least on set - and really, isn't that somewhat reassuring?

Joining Murphy and Jackson in the pilot will be Chicago Hope alum Christine Lahti, who recently appeared on Hawaii Five-O, which was the last show that CBS spun from an old and abandoned property. Lahti will play a police captain in the pilot. Usual Suspects star and stand-up comic Kevin Pollack is also signed up to be a part of the show as a lawyer and David Denman (The Office) will play another cop on the force. Billy Rosewood himself, A.K.A. Judge Reinhold will also make an appearance.

Details about the plot are few and far between right now, but the basic premise involves Aaron Foley setting up shop as a cop in Beverly Hills and following in his father's footsteps.

Eddie Murphy Beverly Hills Cop Pilot

Usually, it's hard to get excited for a pilot because of the somewhat long odds that it'll ever see the light of day, but the Beverly Hills Cop deal was for a "put-pilot," which comes with the proviso that it makes it to air. So, unless this show winds up being so bad that CBS deems it more economical to pay a penalty and bury the tapes in a shallow grave next to Victor Maitland's body, we'll probably get more Axel.

Of course, we always seemed fated to get more Axel Foley one way or the other as Murphy has been working - off and on - to bring the character back since the underwhelming (to put it generously) third film. The role of Foley is arguably Eddie Murphy's most iconic and the first Beverly Hills Cop is widely regarded as a classic. If the show turns out to be extremely successful, might a Beverly Hills Cop 4 be on the way to the big screen, featuring both father and son?

Beverly Hills Cop has no release date as of yet, but one can imagine that if it pops up on schedules before the fall season, something went horribly awry.


Source: Twitter

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