Tom Hardy & Channing Tatum Eyed For Beverly Hills Cop 4

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The directors of the forthcoming Beverly Hills Cop IV have name dropped big actors like Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy to potentially play against Eddie Murphy’s Axel Foley. The original movie propelled Murphy to stardom way back in 1984, where the actor played a brash, streetwise Detroit cop who clashes with his fellow officers in Beverly Hills while pursuing the criminal who murdered his friend.

Murphy reprised the role for the average Beverly Hills Cop II, but the series looked DOA after the third movie, a critically panned sequel that took place in a theme park, and an entry even Murphy later labeled “garbage.” There was an attempt to turn the franchise into a television series in 2013, with a pilot being shot. The story followed Axel Foley’s son in Beverly Hills investigating a case, while Murphy made a small cameo. The pilot was scrapped despite testing well, with Murphy being reluctant to commit to a recurring role. A fourth film in the series is now being planned, with word last year saying Murphy would return for a story set in Detroit.

The directors of the fourth movie - Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah – have been chatting about their plans on a talk show in Holland called The World Turns (hat tip JoBlo), and how they want a major star like Hardy or Tatum to clash with Murphy. The story will find Foley as an established cop in Beverly Hills, who now clashes with a tough younger cop from Detroit, reversing his role from the previous movies.

It’s a neat concept, with the directors going on to state the sequel will have a $50 million dollar budget and large chunks will be shot in Detroit. It’s usually a bad sign when a film takes this long to come together, but the primary hold-up has been Murphy himself. The actor has stated he’ll only make the sequel with a quality script, and he’s rejected numerous drafts that failed to excite him, with previously attached director Brett Ratner eventually leaving over the lack of progress.

Murphy has also stated he’s tired of making movies only for a paycheck and wants to make a sequel that’s a marked improvement on Beverly Hills Cop III. It seems his directors share that vision, and getting a big name co-star to clash with Murphy will bring a fresh dynamic to the series. Of the two names mentioned by the filmmakers, it feels like Hardy would be the more interesting choice. Tatum has done the buddy cop thing before with the Jump Sreett franchise and White House Down, while Hardy could help bring a unique, darker edge to the series.

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Beverly Hills Cop IV doesn’t have a set release date at this time.

Source: The World Turns (via JoBlo)

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