Classic Beverly Hills 90210 Cast Reunites for Event Series Teaser

BH90210 Teaser

Fox releases a teaser for BH90210, a six-episode event series featuring the original Beverly Hills 90210 cast. From 1990 to 2000, the teen drama aired for 10 seasons. In February, the series update was officially announced by Fox.

Created by Darren Star, Beverly Hills 92010 follows a group of high school students living in an affluent community. The series allowed for a unique commentary on universal themes, whether it was romance, sexuality, drug abuse, or anything that teenagers struggle with during their formative years. Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty portrayed siblings Brandon and Brenda Walsh, who move from the American midwest to California and immerse themselves into the Beverly Hills lifestyle. Priestley and Doherty will reprise their roles for BH90210, along with Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor), Brian Austin Green (David Silver), Tori Spelling (Donna Martin), Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders), and Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea Zuckerman).

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Fox released a BH90210 teaser entitled “Preview: They're Back!” The clip is entirely devoid of character dialogue, focusing primarily on sound design that sets up the iconic theme song. Early on, Brandon Walsh snores while sister Brenda practices yoga outdoors. Donna Martin sighs while preparing coffee, and Steve Sanders walks towards a blue sports car. The trailer emphasizes the characters’ everyday activities, suggesting that their lives are now structured. Suddenly, Brandon awakes to an alarm clock that sounds much like the original theme song, and it sets up other surrealistic moments for the collective characters. Donna’s coffee maker similarly sounds like the Beverly Hills 90210 theme song, and so does Kelly Taylor’s hairdryer. The confusion then transfers over to Brenda, as the theme song infiltrates her meditation session. David Silver hears the music in his closet, and Andrea Zuckerman hears it through barking dogs. The teaser ends with Steve Sanders, who also notices a bizarre version of the theme song while in his car. But Steve then revs up the engine and plays the original Beverly Hills 90210 theme song. Check out the BH90210 teaser below.

Sadly, Beverly Hills 90210’s Luke Perry passed away in March at the age of 52. He was a series regular on the original Fox show, and portrayed Dylan McKay - an iconic character of '90s network television. Perry left Beverly Hills 90210 in 1995 to pursue other opportunities, and then returned in 1998. Most recently, he starred in The CW series Riverdale, and will appear in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Despite rumors that Doherty wouldn’t participate in BH90210, she was officially announced as a cast member in April. This will strengthen the storyline, and will hopefully boost the cast chemistry after Perry’s death. Doherty was reportedly fired for cutting her hair during the original Beverly Hills 90210 series, and it was also rumored that she didn’t get along with classmates. But as BH90210 will surely point out, some bonds can’t be broken.

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