What Still Needs To Happen For Better Call Saul To Become Breaking Bad

Bob Odenkirk Better Call Saul Season 4

Saul Needs To Establish Himself As The Criminal Lawyer In Albuquerque

After an age of waiting for Jimmy to get his law license reinstated, and some manipulation involving Chuck's letter, he is back practicing law, albeit with a catch. He's no longer working under the name Jimmy McGill, but is now operating as Saul Goodman.

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That itself is a leap forward, but there's a big difference between starting to work under that name and that name carrying the reputation it does when we meet him in Breaking Bad. This Saul, bar a few shady street deals, is largely unknown in legal circles, whereas the one introduced in season 2 of Breaking Bad isn't just a criminal lawyer in Albuquerque; he's the criminal lawyer in Albuquerque.

He's the man with all the connections you could possibly need to stay out of jail or help build your drug empire. Whatever scheme you need running or tight spot you need getting out of, if you're a member of the criminal underworld, then you better call Saul. By the end of Better Call Saul season 4 he's only just starting out, so season 5 - which might have another time jump - needs to finally show us Saul Goodman, the lawyer.

Jimmy & Kim's Relationship Needs To Be Resolved

Jimmy McGill and Kim in Better Call Saul

"It's all good, man."

Four simple words, and yet they were enough to drive daggers through the hearts of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad fans everywhere. Yes, they confirm Jimmy has turned into Saul Goodman, at least for the purposes of working as a lawyer, but they also mean much more than that.

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It's Kim's response to this, and to the reveal of just how sociopathic Jimmy has become, that is truly devastating: the shock, the confusion, the sadness. This, more than any of the innumerable schemes run by Slippin' Jimmy, is a huge wedge between the pair.

All throughout Better Call Saul, Kim has been a major question mark. She's never mentioned in Breaking Bad, which means that something has to happen to her: something that would mean Saul literally doesn't talk about her once, even in passing.

The best case scenario is that they break-up. They've been growing apart for some time anyway, and with this turn from Jimmy to Saul, it'd be a natural progression. The worst case scenario, on the other hand, is more in line with what happened to Chuck, and that Kim dies. Either way, the relationship between the pair needs to be resolved in Better Call Saul season 5 for Saul Goodman to truly come into being. We should all be very, very worried about Kim Wexler.

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