What Still Needs To Happen For Better Call Saul To Become Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul finally introduced Saul Goodman - but it's a long way off Breaking Bad. Here's everything that needs to happen in season 5.

Saul Goodman and Walter White in Breaking Bad

WARNING: Spoilers for all of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

A lot still needs to happen in Better Call Saul season 5 before the show becomes Breaking Bad. The prequel's fourth season inched us closer than ever before to the timeline of Breaking Bad, but the show still needs to do some work in season 5 (which was confirmed back in July) before Saul Goodman can be ready to be kidnapped by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and taken out into the Albuquerque desert.

The events of Better Call Saul season 4 not only moved closer in time to Breaking Bad, courtesy of the incredible nine-month-spanning opening montage in episode 7, "Something Stupid", but in terms of its characters as well. We witnessed Mike Ehrmantraut become a slightly colder killer who is in much, much deeper with Gus Fring, concluding with the murder of Werner Ziegler. We saw the commencement of Gus' superlab, which will become vital to building his drug empire and play home to Walt and Jesse. We had to watch, via that aforementioned montage and a number of other heart-wrenching scenes, Jimmy and Kim growing apart. And, of course, we witnessed Jimmy succumb to being Saul Goodman, at least as a practicing lawyer.

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That final moment, in particular, was painful to watch, all but cementing the dark turn we know is inevitable for Jimmy McGill, but while he's on a path he can't come back from, Better Call Saul isn't Breaking Bad - yet.

Gus' Superlab Needs To Be Completed

The beginning of construction on Gus' Superlab, and the introduction of its designer, Gale Boetticher, were momentous steps for Better Call Saul season 4 towards becoming Breaking Bad. Both play huge roles in the latter, with the lab especially crucial to the story of Walt, Jesse, and Gus.

However, for all Gus and Mike's efforts towards accommodating Werner and his crew, things hit a number of snags and fell further and further behind schedule. That's compounded by the end of the season, when Werner goes AWOL and Mike is forced to track him down and kill him, with the rest of the crew sent back to Germany.

It's quite clearly in no fit state to be used as of the end of Better Call Saul season 4, and despite Gale's insistence that meth could still be made there, Gus refuses until it's 100% complete. It's up-and-running by the time of Breaking Bad - Tuco uses the term in season 2, in reference to building one for Walt, indicating Gus' is already a success, and Gale is working there in season 3 - and since the show will likely take us up to season 2 of Breaking Bad, (although creator Vince Gilligan doesn't know how it ends) it needs to be finished soon.

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Saul Needs To Meet Lalo And Nacho

Bette Call Saul season 4 introduced us to yet another member of the Salamanca family: Lalo, nephew of Hector and a member of the Juárez Cartel. While Lalo, who looks set to serve as a major antagonist in season 5, never actually appears in Breaking Bad, his turning up here does serve as an important bridge between the two shows.

When Saul is kidnapped by Walt and Jesse (both of whom could yet appear in Saul) in his first episode of Breaking Bad in season 2 and taken out into the desert, he at first assumes he's been taken by Lalo, begging for his life and stating that "it wasn't me, it was Ignacio."

That not only confirms Saul has a run-in with Lalo - one that lets Saul know just how dangerous he is - but Nacho too. Nacho is another character who never appears in Breaking Bad, suggesting things don't work out too well for him. While he and Jimmy worked together in Better Call Saul season 1, their storylines have since diverged, and he needs to meet Saul. Both are close to Saul's mind when we meet him in Breaking Bad, meaning he should have crucial run-ins with them in season 5.

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