What To Expect In Better Call Saul Season 5

WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS for Better Call Saul


Another season of Better Call Saul is in the books, but when can fans expect to see the next season? The Breaking Bad spinoff has gone on quite a ride over the course of its first four years on the air, escaping its predecessor's ever-looming shadow to stand on its own merits as one of TV's best dramas. Its viewership ratings may not be as high as Breaking Bad's were in its latter seasons, but the accolades speak for themselves and Saul continuously delivers high-quality programming.

Saul's recently-wrapped fourth season illustrated how close Vince Gilligan and company were getting to Breaking Bad's start point, with Gus commissioning the construction of his super lab and Jimmy, at long last, assuming the professional name of Saul Goodman. That being said, a few more pieces need to fall into place before Saul gets there, and it'll be interesting to see how the show picks up when it returns.

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Here's everything we know and expect for Saul's future.

AMC Renewed Better Call Saul For a 5th Season

Even before the fourth season premiered, it was already confirmed it'd be back for a fifth. AMC made the announcement back in July, shortly after the Better Call Saul panel at San Diego Comic-Con. It's worth mentioning Breaking Bad went five seasons, so the same could happen with Saul.

When Will Better Call Saul Season 5 Release?

Better Call Saul first went on the air in 2015, a couple of years after Breaking Bad ended. Since then, it's debuted a new season every year - never taking an extended break. Gilligan and crew keep busy, so it's reasonable to assume Saul's fifth season will premiere at some point in 2019.

The question of when is another matter entirely. Looking at the show's history, there's no real rhyme or reason to its air dates. The first two seasons started in February of their respective years, while the third season premiered in April 2017. This year, Saul started up in August. AMC did not announce a release date for season 5, so it will likely be whenever they have time on their schedule. It wouldn't be surprising to see them unveil it in August 2019, but there's no guarantee.

What Is The Story of Better Call Saul Season 5?

Better Call Saul season 3 promo image

The fourth season ended with a moment fans have waited a long time to see: Jimmy McGill completing his transformation into Saul Goodman. Scheming his way back to a law license (with Kim by his side as an unknowing pawn), Saul is leaving the McGill name behind to forge his own path as the unsavory defense attorney Breaking Bad fans know and love. Kim, of course, is clearly shocked by this development, believing Jimmy's "touching" monologue about Chuck was genuinely sincere and not just a big dog and pony show for the committee. Their relationship, which already looked to be on uneven grounds, is about to get much more interesting as it heads towards its inevitably heartbreaking resolution.

There's also the matter of the cartel. This past season saw the beginnings of the super lab construction, and after that stalled, Gus will be looking to bounce back and get it up and running. Lalo should also factor heavily into the fifth season. His brief appearances in season four felt like set up for something bigger in the future; and since Saul knows both Lalo and Nacho, odds are Goodman finds himself in the cartel crosshairs at some point. After all, Saul has no qualms about doing business with drug dealers.

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