Better Call Saul Creators Confident on Season 4 Renewal

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Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Better Call Saul season 3


With Better Call Saul recently wrapping up its third outing last Monday, creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are confident that the show will be picked up for another season. Following a spectacular, amid quite a dark and sad season, the Breaking Bad spinoff's fate is still in limbo with an official season 4 order from AMC still yet to be made.

Better Call Saul capped its third season with sort of cliffhanger with Chuck (Michael McKenna) supposedly dying inside his burning house. The offering episode titled "Lantern" saw Jimmy McGill's (Bob Odenkirk) conniving older brother coldly cut ties with him followed by Chuck's EHS symptoms emerging once again. This prompted the older McGill to obsess on shutting off all the electronic devices in his house even to the point of him tearing walls open to pull out the wirings. Pushed past his limits by his frustrations, he intentionally knocked over a gas lantern over, setting fire to his house, sealing his fate by staying inside it. While it is definitely heartbreaking for the brothers to part ways without having some sort of reconciliation, this only further inches Jimmy towards becoming the ruthless Saul Goodman that we all get to know in Breaking Bad. And now that everybody is itching to know what is next for Better Call Saul, we can't wait for the show's fourth season to come sooner.

In a post-mortem session with THR, Gilligan and Gould addressed the nagging question of when the announcement of a Better Call Saul season 4 renewal will be made. Despite AMC'c continued silence on the matter, the show creators are confident that they will be given the opportunity to continue tackling the narrative of the show until Jimmy finishes his journey to become Walter White's (Bryan Cranston) legal aid:

"Honestly, it's obviously not a secret that Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht left Sony TV and there's just a little bit of reorganizing going at Sony, but the ship, there's still folks at the tiller and and it's just a matter of  … Who the f--- knows? (Laughs.) It's gonna be fine. The timing was a bit unfortunate in that there's a little bit of stuff up in the air over at Sony, but it'll all get worked out. A couple of good guys left Sony, but there's a lot of good people still at Sony and it'll all get worked out. We're going forward with the certainty that there is gonna be more and it's just a matter of logistics as to when, exactly, it gets going. We're not worried. I say that having absolutely been worried in the past. I'm worried at all right now. We're gonna forward. There will be a season four. The only question is when will it go on air."

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Further, the two relates the current limbo status of Better Call Saul to that of Breaking Bad revealing that they felt more anxious about the latter's season after season renewal wait to that of its prequel series. Chalking it up to their going strong relationship with Sony TV and AMC, the two shared that Better Call Saul season 4 is no longer a matter of "if" but "when."

Fans can take comfort in the fact that both Gould and Gilligan can definitively say that they are assured that AMC will just not drop the show without a proper and fitting series finale despite the corporate kerfuffle at Sony TV. Regardless of executives calling the shots in the media company, a show racking up positive critical reviews and viewer ratings is highly unlikely, at least from a business standpoint, to be simply just axed. It seems very illogical for a network to not tap on the opportunity to cash in some profits with a successful show like Better Call Saul.

With a looming renewal announcement hopefully coming in the next few weeks, the question now is when Better Call Saul will eventually come back on the air. If it follows its usual scheduling, it is safe to bet that season 4 will premiere sometime early next year.

Source: THR

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