Better Call Saul Season 4 Delay: What's Happening?

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UPDATE: Better Call Saul Season 4 is confirmed to premiere on August 6.

Better Call Saul seasons 1-3 may have premiered in the spring, but fans will have to wait until fall 2018 for season 4 of the show. Better Call Saul arrived on AMC in February of 2015, as a spinoff of Breaking Bad that focused on charismatic criminal lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk.) Set mostly in the years before Breaking Bad, the series focuses on how Jimmy McGill transformed from a semi-respectable elder-care attorney into the unscrupulous character we saw on Breaking Bad.

Through three seasons, Better Call Saul has established itself as something rather unique in the prestige TV era - a spinoff of an earlier series, from the same creator, that’s just about as acclaimed as its predecessor but is a very different show in terms of tone. Even as the series has begun to incorporate more characters familiar from Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul has continued to carve out its own identity.

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The first two seasons of Better Call Saul debuted in February and finished in April, while last year’s third season ran from April to June. The fourth season will debut later this year, on a much later schedule than in past years. When can we expect more of the adventures of Saul, Kim and Mike?

When Does Better Call Saul Season 4 Premiere?

While AMC has not officially announced a premiere date for the series, Better Call Saul is expected to return in September of 2018. The series only recently started production on its new season, which creator Vince Gilligan discussed in a recent Screen Rant interview.

According to Gilligan, the next season will take on a darker tone, as it carries the main story closer to the events of Breaking Bad. There are also hints that the new season will delve further into the post-Breaking Bad adventures of “Cinnabon Gene.”

Why Is Better Call Saul Season 4 Delayed?

There are quite a few reasons why Better Call Saul will premiere later this year. While there didn’t appear to be much doubt about its survival, Better Call Saul was not formally renewed by AMC until June of last year, several weeks after the season 3 finale.

The late renewal presumably meant the writers’ room got a later start than usual putting together the season’s storylines, giving them about six months to write before production began earlier this month. Whereas during Better Call Saul’s first season, it had actually been renewed for a second season before the first one had even premiered. There’s also a chance that the expanded storytelling and time spent in different time periods, will require more sets, and therefore take longer than the earlier seasons did.

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Better Call Saul season 4 is expected to debut on AMC in September 2018

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