Better Call Saul's Rhea Seehorn On Kim Wexler's Ultimate Fate

Rhea Seehorn in Better Call Saul

With only one episode left before Better Call Saul wraps up season 3, Rhea Seehorn provides some insight at to what the ultimate fate of her character, Kim Wexler, will be in the much anticipated season capper.

Over the last couple of episodes, Kim has been subjected to the tremendous stress of coming to terms of taking a job she doesn't deserve as well as feeling pulled in all directions with the mess of the Mesa Verde case. And it seems that in the penultimate episode of the season, she gets into a car accident while driving to meet a new client. The nerve-wracking sequence had people holding their breath thinking this will be how the character will go. Fortunately, while Kim was bloodied, she wasn't seriously injured. That said, it does not necessarily mean that she is in the clear moving forward.

Seehorn recently got candid in an interview with TVGuide about her stint on the show and how there seems to be a calling online for Kim to be banished in Better Call Saul. Despite this, the actress sees the narrative impact of taking Kim out of Jimmy's life but had some other ideas how to execute the plot point.

Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn in Better Call Saul Season 3

"Every other day there's something circulating like 'she has to be dead' or 'she has to survive' or 'she has to be working at the store next to Cinnabon when he's Gene. I certainly don't think she has to die, but if we're talking about removing her from his life as some sort of over-enthusiastic punishment for him, I don't know. There's a lot of other nuanced possibilities as well, but I love the idea of people entrenched in the story that way. That's such a great compliment."

Seehorn suggests that it would be a much more interesting spin if Kim does not die and taken out of the narrative altogether. Instead, she becomes like Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk), fully spiraling to the dark side.

"It's just as much of a tragedy for something awful to happen to her, and she's no longer there as it is to see Kim lose herself so much that she actually can put up with this stuff. Either way would be a tragedy...I could see realistic, intelligent versions of almost every which way they could go. That's the good news. If you just leave it in Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould's hands, it's all going to be fine."

Arguably, the current Kim is no longer that same one from the first time we met her in Breaking Bad's spinoff series. She has been slowly dragged into the crooked ways of the McGill family by her continued association with Jimmy. And given that she still struggles to live day-to-day, fully knowing that she is breaking some laws, the car crash could be reason for her to get out of her current predicament before it's too late.

While it would certainly be a loss for the show to lose Kim (in one way or another), it only seems organic to the narrative. What is interesting about Better Call Saul is that fans are not focused on the endgame, given that Breaking Bad has already taken care of that, but the journey that Jimmy had to go through to become the ruthless legal aid of Walter White. And with Kim still hanging around -- acting as his conscience, it hinders Jimmy's transformation to Saul Goodman.

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Better Call Saul concludes season 3 on Monday with 'Lantern' @10pm on AMC.

Source: TVGuide

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