Better Call Saul Co-Creator Wants a Kim Wexler TV Spinoff

If Vince Gilligan has his way, Kim Wexler will be getting her own TV show in the future. Creating a spinoff to a show as successful as Breaking Bad is never a sure thing. A parent show that iconic within pop culture is a lot to live up to, but thankfully, Better Call Saul has - at least by most accounts - managed to blossom into a series that's just as worthwhile as the journey of Walter White. Each season gets better reviews than the last, and each new premiere becomes a bigger TV event.

With Saul co-creators Gilligan and Peter Gould having said previously that they didn't see the spinoff going past 5 seasons - the same number of seasons that Bad produced - one wonders if AMC will be looking to once again extend its stay within the New Mexico-set franchise by commissioning another spinoff. Based on how well Saul turned out, there's no reason to think Gilligan and crew couldn't pull off that magic for a third time.

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Should AMC decide to order another spinoff in the franchise, it turns out that Gilligan has a clear preference for which Saul character he would like to see get their own show. While some fans might be quick to suggest someone like Mike, Gus, or Chuck, Gilligan tells The Sydney Morning Herald that if he does another series within this universe, he would want it to center on Kim Wexler, intrepid lawyer and Jimmy McGill's ongoing love interest. Here's his reasoning as to why:

"I gotta tell you, Kim Wexler. She can be hilariously funny, she can be absolutely moving. She can do anything, she just has this astounding range. Personally, as one of the first two fans of Better Call Saul, I want to know more about Kim, I want to see and learn more about her. If we were to do another spin-off it would be the Kim Wexler show."

Kim (Rhea Seehorn) may not immediately stick out as the go-to option for a spinoff, but she's turned out to be quite the complex character, seeing her role within the story grow in importance each season. Seehorn especially got to play a great dramatic arc in season 3, trying her best to balance her romantic feelings for Jimmy with the sudden pressure to carry their joint expenses, after the latter's hot-headed nature gets himself in trouble with the State Bar. While Seehorn keeps getting overlooked by Emmy voters, she's become arguably just as important to the series as any other character.

Additionally, when it comes to storytelling freedom, a Kim Wexler spinoff would offer the most avenues to explore. After all, Breaking Bad tells fans what happened to Mike and Gus as the years went on, and Saul season 3 ended with a plot turn that could spell the end for Chuck. Since Kim never appeared on Breaking Bad, it's anyone's guess as to what she did with her life between the end of Saul and the end of Bad - assuming she doesn't get in anymore exhaustion-induced car accidents.

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Better Call Saul returns for season 4 in 2018.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald (via Cinema Blend)

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