Better Call Saul: How Chuck's Death Helps Turn Jimmy Into Saul

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Bob Odenkirk has revealed how he believes Chuck's (Michael McKenna) death will affect his character, Jimmy's final transformation into Saul Goodman. As Breaking Bad's much-anticipated prequel spin-off, we all know the character trajectory that Better Call Saul is treading for the younger McGill brother. But in the three years that the show has been on, Jimmy is still grappling with the idea of conscience, thus still unable to fully transform into Walter White’s (Bryan Cranston) unscrupulous and exploitative legal aid we first met in the critically acclaimed series about wheeling and dealing meth. But it seems that the ultimate incident that would finally tip him over the edge has already come via the supposed death of Chuck.

The McGill brothers are not necessarily known to have a loving and healthy relationship. Chuck has time and time and again tried to sabotage Jimmy because of Chuck's jealousy of him; meanwhile Jimmy, despite wanting to cozy up to his brother, is not able to go all the way in terms of adhering to Chuck's conniving ways. And now that Chuck is finally gone and Jimmy is supposedly involved in everything that led up to his demise, it's not difficult to imagine that the younger brother will carry the weight of his older brother's death on his shoulders moving forward.

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In a new interview with IndieWire, Odenkirk, who is once again given a nomination by the Emmys as the Best Lead Actor in a Drama this year (his third), shared a bit about what might be going on in Jimmy's mind as he tries to cope with Chuck's tragic passing:

"How does Chuck’s death affect [Jimmy]? If Chuck is dead, and I believe he is, I don’t think it’s possible to not think you had something to do with that. The way Chuck was booted from his company, which meant everything to him — his status as a lawyer, that was his entire self. His pride and self image was completely wrapped up in that. Because Jimmy was a part of the many things that happened that got Chuck booted, I don’t know how he doesn’t feel some weight and responsibility for Chuck expiring"

Michael McKean as Chuck in Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 10

Prior to Chuck's stressed out state triggering his EHS symptoms and prompting his outrage and causing a fire in his house in season 3's finale, Better Call Saul even pulled a decoy involving Kim (Rhea Seehorn) instead. Jimmy's lover was in a car crash that could have claimed her life. Fortunately, she was spared and we can expect her to be back for the show's next outing. That said, regardless of whether it is Chuck or Kim - the two most important people to Jimmy - biting the dust, his full spiral to the dark side has finally been set up and might even come to fruition in season 4.

Fans definitely have a lot to look forward to when Better Call Saul returns for its fourth season. While some have mocked the show for its narrative's slow burn - taking at least three seasons before Saul finally emerges - the series tends to focus on Jimmy's journey from being the scrappy but gold-hearted lawyer to a ruthless one. And every single bit that has transpired in his life until now will have a part in shaping his eventual character and mindset as Saul Goodman.

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Better Call Saul returns for season 4 in 2018.

Source: IndieWire

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