'Better Call Saul' Casts Michael McKean as Potential Rival Lawyer

Michael McKean in Smallville

For murderers, drug dealers and other assorted criminals in the Albuquerque area who need an unscrupulous helping hand, Saul Goodman is the man to call. Vince Gilligan's crime drama Breaking Bad may have come to an end, but some of its characters will live on in the upcoming prequel series Better Call Saul, in which Bob Odenkirk reprises his role as the slippery attorney and Jonathan Banks returns as private investigator, cleaner, fixer and occasional hit man Mike Ehrmantraut.

With the focus of the show set on the legal side of criminal activity, Better Call Saul will feature three new characters who are also lawyers: Burt, Beth and Dr. Thurber. It's currently unclear whether these characters will be allies or rivals for Saul, but the latest casting announcement means that we can now put a face to Dr. Thurber's name.

According to a Deadline report, Michael McKean is the first new cast member to join Better Call Saul. His character is described as a brilliant attorney who is held back by an "unusual affliction." It's possible that he and Goodman are friends, but more likely that he's the competition. It will certainly be interesting to find out what his unusual affliction is. McKean is still best known for his role in This is Spinal Tap, but he's since had a long career in TV and guest-starred as Perry White in Smallville.

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman

This latest news means that Better Call Saul now has three cast members onboard, but there are quite a few characters in Breaking Bad who were directly associated with Saul's business. There's the A Team, of course: Huell Babineaux (Lavell Crawford) and Patrick Kuby (Bill Burr). There's also Saul's legal secretary, Francesca (Tina Parker). Since Better Call Saul tells the story of how Saul came to be the great legal mastermind that he is in Breaking Bad, it may well show the stories of how his employees ended up working for him in the first place.

Better Call Saul will begin filming soon in preparation for a late fall premiere, so expect more announcements for the regular cast in the near future. There's also a lot of potential for cameos as well, so keep your eyes peeled for familiar faces when the first season arrives.


Better Call Saul is expected to premiere on AMC in November 2014.

Source: Deadline

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