'Better Call Saul' Adds 'Breaking Bad' Fixer Mike as Series Regular

Breaking Bad Mike to Join Better Call Saul

[WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Breaking Bad.]


As sad as it was to see Breaking Bad come to an end, some fans have taken solace in the fact that a spinoff series - Better Call Saul - is in the works. The show, a prequel, will follow the morally ambiguous (and probably hilarious) hijinks of Walter White's grifter lawyer, Saul Goodman - before he became White's lawyer.

Since the announcement of the series, there's been talk of possible cameos from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, but the only official cast member thus far has been Bob Odenkirk as Saul himself. Now, there's a second cast member.

Deadline reports that Jonathon Banks - who played the nigh-on unkillable private investigator/fixer Mike Ehrmantraut - has joined the cast. In one of the more shocking moments from Breaking Bad (during season 5, episode 7), Mike was killed by Walter White as he was attempting to get out of the drug dealing game once and for all.

Jonathan Banks from Breaking Bad Joining Better Call Saul

When we first met Mike - before we knew him as Gustavo's enforcer and then White and Pinkman's meth partner - we knew him as Saul's private investigator. In Better Call Saul, he'll almost certainly function in that capacity, though one presumes we'll see hints of his work with Gus as well.

While Breaking Bad was primarily a crime drama with moments of black humor, the focus on Odenkirk as Saul and interviews with those involved have indicated that Better Call Saul will be more of a comedy. With that in mind, what sort of role will Mike fill in the show? In Breaking Bad, he was a very, very serious guy; an unsentimental badass who did what he believed needed to be done, no matter the consequences. Is that who we'll see in Saul?

Of course, Banks has most recently appeared in Community season 5 - the second Bad alumnus to do so after Giancarlo Esposito - and will also co-star in the upcoming Horrible Bosses 2. So maybe his supreme badassery will fit in just fine.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you happy to see Jonathan Banks/Mike Ehrmantraut return to the world of Breaking Bad via Better Call Saul? Do you want to see more appearances from other Bad characters, or would you prefer that Saul be more standalone? Drop us a line in the comments.


Better Call Saul is expected to air November 2014 on AMC. The final episodes of Breaking Bad will hit Netflix February 24th, 2014.

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Source: Deadline

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