Better Call Saul: The Biggest Reveals About Breaking Bad In Season 4

Saul's Strong Relationship With Huell

Saul's muscle man, Huell Babineaux, became a cult favorite in Breaking Bad due to his unique outlook on life and penchant for lying on large piles of cash - making his return in season 3's "Chicanery" a highlight of Better Call Saul. While this cameo revealed how Jimmy first came to know about Huell's services, season 4 took things even further.

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When Jimmy starts selling mobile phones to the criminals of Albuquerque, he enlists Huell as a personal bodyguard. Due to a hilarious misunderstanding, Huell ends up hitting a police officer with a bag of shopping and, feeling responsible, Jimmy pulls out all the stops to get his pal off the hook. Jimmy and Kim's "Free Huell Babineaux" con is a key moment for the pair in which both of them realize and admit to enjoying the less lawful side to practicing the law.

Seeing the early stages of Jimmy's relationship with Huell, and the efforts it took to keep the bodyguard out of jail, perhaps provides some explanation as to why Huell puts up with so much from his employer in Breaking Bad.

Hector's Bell

Mark Margolis as Hector Salamanca in Breaking Bad

It may not have been the biggest revelation in Better Call Saul's fourth season but it was definitely a nice touch to see how Hector came to own the iconic bell that, for a brief time in the early 2010s, inspired a glut of GIFs online. For Breaking Bad to have one of its major antagonists communicate solely by bell was a brave move but the risk certainly paid off, as the image of Don Hector furiously dinging in response to unwelcome news became a signature image of the series.

Shortly after the arrival of Lalo in Better Call Saul, the bell's origin was revealed to be a present to Hector from his nephew as a better means of making himself heard after suffering a stroke. It's a minor touch from Gilligan and Gould but considering that Hector's bell plays a key role in Gus' eventual death, it's symbolic how, just as the chicken shop owner is laying the foundations for his empire, the circumstances for his death are also being set into motion.

The "Saul Goodman" Moment

Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy and Rhea Seehorn as Kim in Better Call Saul

Jimmy McGill has used the "Saul" alias several times in Better Call Saul, usually to denote when he's doing something suspect (much like Walter White's Heisenberg hat did in Breaking Bad). Since the very first episode however, viewers have been wondering whether there would be one defining moment when Jimmy disappeared and Saul took his place and that moment appeared to arrive in the final scene of the spinoff's season 4 finale.

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Fresh from conning his way back into the law business and losing the respect of his lover in the process, Jimmy declares that he's no longer going to practice under his own name, but will be adopting the alias Saul Goodman.

Undoubtedly, Jimmy's evolution into Saul has been a slow process with a number of defining moments but, arguably, this is the final step. Jimmy's decision could also potentially lead to many more Breaking Bad connections next season and one can realistically expect Saul's famous office to finally appear, along with his hiring of Francesca and the filming of the corny TV ads that give the spinoff series its title.


Better Call Saul has already been green-lit for a fifth season and, if the trend continues, viewers could see even more familiar characters return to the franchise. Many are anticipating an appearance from either Walter White or Jesse Pinkman, with both actors having publicly declared a willingness to appear. Whether those characters arrive or not, Better Call Saul looks set to keep delighting Breaking Bad fans with callbacks, Easter eggs and tie-ins, all while maintaining its own personality and story arcs.

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