Better Call Saul: The Biggest Reveals About Breaking Bad In Season 4

Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad

Here are the most significant details Better Call Saul season 4 revealed about Breaking Bad. It is extremely rare for a spinoff series to live up to the reputation of its parent but the positive reaction Better Call Saul consistently draws from critics and viewers will ensure that the show goes down as a shining example of what a spinoff should be. Sure, Better Call Saul may not have become the international phenomenon that Breaking Bad did, but it has attained success on its own merits, free from the sizeable looming shadow of Walter White.

With that said, each passing season of Better Call Saul inevitably brings viewers closer to the events of Breaking Bad and the showrunner duo of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have gradually introduced more characters and story arcs that first emerged back in Walt and Jesse's cooking days. Better Call Saul has already explored the origins of villains Hector Salamanca and Gus Fring, depicted Mike's journey from jaded ex-cop to criminal handyman and introduced Jimmy's long-suffering receptionist, Francesca.

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Season 4 has ventured even further down the Breaking Bad rabbit hole, recalling more familiar faces, exploring more backstory and bringing Jimmy McGill closer than ever before to becoming the Saul Goodman fans know and love. Here are the biggest reveals about Breaking Bad that came to light in Better Call Saul season 4.


Mark Margolis as Hector Salamanca and Tony Dalton as Lalo in Better Call Saul

When Saul Goodman first appears in Breaking Bad as a captive of Walt and Jesse, he mistakenly thinks he's been abducted by "Lalo" and desperately blames Ignacio (most likely meaning Nacho) for whatever transgression he's supposed to have committed. This line immediately let Breaking Bad viewers know that Saul is a generally shady guy and heavily involved with local gangs and with that goal successfully achieved, Lalo is never mentioned again.

That is, until Better Call Saul season 4, which finally saw the introduction of the fabled Lalo Salamanca, Hector's nephew. Lalo has come to town after Hector's stroke and the violent gangster is already causing trouble for both Gus and Mike. Although Lalo and Saul have yet to meet, the fact that Jimmy is now back practicing law means that season 5 could see him hired by Mike to help deal with the threat of Lalo.

Exactly why Lalo would end up wanting to go after Jimmy remains to be seen but, if we assume the Ignacio mentioned in Breaking Bad is Nacho (Ignacio Varga is his full name), then there are several possibilities. Perhaps Lalo finds out that someone meddled with Hector's medication and blames Jimmy instead of the real culprit, Nacho. Alternatively, Jimmy's first case as the lawyer Saul Goodman could be to help Gus drive Lalo out of town - an act that would obviously irk the volatile gangster.

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Gus Fring's Super-Lab

Better Call Saul season 3 Gus Fring

In Breaking Bad, arch-villain and drug kingpin Gus Fring was the proud owner of a custom-built meth lab hidden underneath an industrial laundry facility. Although fans weren't exactly clamoring to find out the origin story of this building, it proved an interesting arc in Better Call Saul nonetheless.

While this plot was predominantly a backdrop for Mike's descent into criminality, fans witnessed the lengths both Gus and Mike went to in order to build the perfect drug factory, with the former showing a level of perfectionism that would naturally attract him to the genius of Walter White further down the road.

Breaking Bad viewers may not have fully appreciated the feat of architecture and engineering Gus' lab represented, but any repeat viewings of the original series will now be tainted with thoughts of its tragic German designer, Werner Ziegler. Interestingly, Gus insisted that the lab was unfinished in the recent season finale and its existence was also discovered by Lalo Salamanca. This could mean that Better Call Saul season 5 will continue the building of the super-lab story, as Gus' grip on the state's drug business tightens.

Gus and Gale

Another Breaking Bad supporting character that fans immediately took to their hearts was mild-mannered meth cook, Gale. Indeed, the moment where a tearful Jesse murders Gale in cold blood is one of the most heartbreaking in the series and begs the question as to how such a meek and harmless scientist could get so deeply involved in the criminal underground.

Better Call Saul provided some answers to that in its fourth season. Despite Gus and the Salamanca gang maintaining an uneasy alliance, the chicken shop owner has been steadily setting the board for an aggressive takeover in season 4 and, to this end, he had the current drug supply tested for purity. Fring's trusted man confirmed that the batch was low grade and claimed to be able to do far better with minimal equipment. Gus declined this offer but hinted at a future partnership with the man. That man's identity? None other than Gale Boetticher.

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The season 4 finale episode went on to show Gale inspecting the progress of Fring's custom meth lab and becoming visibly excited over the possibilities, blissfully unaware that he would ultimately be replaced by a high school chemistry teacher.

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