Better Call Saul: Bob Odenkirk Responds to Fan Theory About Chuck's Letter

A widely-circulated Better Call Saul fan theory claims Chuck’s gut-wrenching letter to Jimmy was actually written by Kim, but star Bob Odenkirk has now shot down the idea. The fraught relationship between Chuck (Michael McKean) and Jimmy (Odenkirk) was central to the story throughout the first three seasons of AMC’s acclaimed Breaking Bad spinoff. But that all ended tragically in the season 3 finale, when a depressed Chuck took his own life by setting fire to his house.

Season 4 of Better Call Saul opened literally moments after the fire that killed Chuck, and showed Jimmy feeling less-than-kind about his late brother. Jimmy’s girlfriend and sometimes law partner Kim (Rhea Seehorn) later received a letter from Chuck’s old partner Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) written by Chuck to give to Jimmy, but when she delivered the seemingly heartfelt letter, Jimmy’s reaction was to dismiss Chuck’s sentiments. Not a surprising reaction given that Chuck all-but-disowned Jimmy in the final days of their relationship.

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But some Better Call Saul fans weren’t convinced Chuck’s letter to Jimmy was actually written by Chuck, and posited that Kim wrote the letter herself to spare Jimmy’s feelings. However, this fan theory carries no water according to star Odenkirk. Speaking to TV Line, Odenkirk utterly shot down the notion that Kim read Chuck’s letter, decided it was too harsh, and composed a counterfeit letter to give to Jimmy instead. Odenkirk said:

“Yeah, that’s crazy. I don’t believe that for a second. I don’t think Kim wrote the letter. I think that’s what Chuck wrote a few years before, and it’s just pro forma bulls–t that Chuck was spouting to the world.”

In explaining Jimmy’s dismissive reaction to Chuck’s letter, a reaction that actually brought tears to Kim’s eyes, Odenkirk said Jimmy saw the letter as a “weird f—k you” meant to drive Jimmy even crazier while making Chuck look like “the benevolent brother.” Odenkirk’s explanation certainly is in keeping with the nature of Chuck and Jimmy’s relationship, which was always incredibly competitive and sometimes spilled over into outright hostility. It makes sense that Chuck would write such a letter to Jimmy and set it aside to be delivered in the event of his death.

Of course, fans always love reading more into scenes than is actually there, and can seldom resist concocting a juicy theory. That scene in particular perhaps lends itself to theorizing because of Kim’s reaction, which seems a little extreme given the circumstances. However, it’s important to remember that Kim had to watch much of the emotional carnage between Jimmy and Chuck, and seeing the effect of all that on Jimmy is certainly what made her so upset. It’s also important to remember that Kim is a very principled person, so it’s a bit of a stretch to believe she would go against any concept of ethics in order to fake a letter just to spare Jimmy’s feelings.

After Jimmy and Chuck’s painful alienation, it seems Better Call Saul is now setting fans up for a similar scenario to play out between Jimmy and Kim, as Jimmy continues his transformation into conniving "criminal lawyer" Saul Goodman. The tone of season 4 has certainly taken a darker and more violent turn already, as both Jimmy and the show get closer to Breaking Bad.

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Source: TV Line

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