Bethesda Continues to Tease Rage 2 Ahead Of E3 2018

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Bethesda Softworks continues to tease an impending RAGE 2 announcement at this year's E3 Expo following a massive store listing leak earlier this week, which wasn't taken too seriously until the studio started their own fun with it on social media.

The Mad Max-esque shooter debuted to rave reviews back in 2011, meaning that fans have been expecting some sort of RAGE sequel for quite some time now. Bethesda has already promised that it has a few tricks up its sleeve for this year's E3 showcase. However, RAGE 2 wasn't one that was in the cards... until now.

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Walmart recently leaked RAGE 2's reveal, but in a shrewd marketing move, Bethesda is keeping fans guessing over on Twitter. Over the past few days, a series of cryptic tweets have emerged on the company's social media, leaving many gamers scratching their heads and jumping for joy in equal measure. Take a look:

A girl embarking on a bus called "Anarchy Tours" while wearing post-apocalyptic clothing is certainly a nod to RAGE, but the other tweets are a little more difficult to decipher. After all, what does a paint-splattered Big Ben have to do with another end of the world game? Interestingly, though, the hands of the clock point to 5:14 (alongside the rocket's numerics of 5-14), thus suggesting that the mystery could be solved on Monday, May 14. Plus, pink seems to be a big clue, and considering that RAGE's official Twitter posted a matching pink correction to Walmart's spoiler, all signs point to another trip to the desolate wasteland of RAGE:

Given that Fallout is one of Bethesda's other biggest properties, adding some splashes of neon to RAGE 2 could help set it apart from the competition. On the other hand, all this RAGE hype could actually be a nod towards the long-awaited Starfield. In particular, the use of the pink-clad rocket would be apt for the outer space Fallout neighbor.

Bethesda has a solid history of keeping its cards close to the chest, and the studios bosses have said that E3 will be a huge one for them this year. So, either way, whatever they announce at E3 2018 promises to be a bright affair compared to some of their bleaker games. Of course, it's possible that all the teasing has come to a point now that, if RAGE 2 isn't announced, a number of fans could walk away quite disappointed. At the moment, it's possible that Bethesda could either announce Doom 2, StarfieldRAGE 2, or all three, but they will undoubtedly hold their own amongst the other big publishers at E3.

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