Thor: Ragnarok VFX Lead Wants Beta Ray Bill in the MCU

As Thor continues to be a major player of Marvel's superhero slate, the standalone series' VFX lead wants to bring Beta Ray Bill into the MCU.

Last year's Thor: Ragnarok did a wonderful job of introducing characters like Hela, Valkyrie, and the Grandmaster, however, it might've felt like someone was missing. As each MCU solo movie expands its already impressive roster of heroes and villains, the cast list for the highest-grossing franchise in the world swells with A-list talent. As we presumably move forward with Thor 4/Ragnarok 2, fans are waiting with anticipation at who else from the realms of Asgard mythology could come through the Bifrost - but just where is Beta Ray Bill?

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Beta Ray Bill's face appeared on the side of the Grandmaster's Sakaar palace as a subtle nod in Ragnarok, but speaking to Cinema Blend, Thor VFX lead Jake Morrison told the site that he would love to tackle the challenge of actually bringing him to life.

"I think I would love to do something with Beta Ray Bill, having been in the Thor universe for a good while. We put a small Easter egg on the tower in Sakaar, which is great fun, but I think he's such a cool character, and the Walt Simonson run in the comics, that one, that iconic cover with Beta Ray Bill in full regalia, clashing with the Mighty Thor. I think that's an immensely cool moment."

Morrison is obviously imagining a clash between Chris Hemsworth's titular hero and the Korbinite pulled straight from the comics. For those who don't know, the horse-faced hero was first introduced back in 1963, and was easily one of the best creations from Walt Simonson's acclaimed run on the comics. Originally imagined as a monster, Beta Ray Bill eventually became a firm ally of Thor and has had some major storylines over the years.

Beta Ray Bill Thor

Given that the Incredible Hulk could set off on his own adventures in Phase 4, it leaves a handy spot open for Thor Odinson to get a new BBF. Also, as one of those few who has the power worthy to wield Mjolnir, Beta Ray Bill, could even take over for the main man himself - considering Jane Foster is still MIA. What's more, it is easy to imagine just how Bill could fit into the world of Thor. The character's backstory saw his homeworld destroyed by the fire demon Surtur, which was conveniently exactly how Asgard was left in ruins at the end of Ragnarok. That means if we are heading to Earth for the next Thor movie, who knows, maybe Beta Ray Bill is looking for a new home there too?

Considering his frightening appearance, Beta Ray Bill's VFX creation could be something massive for Morrison to sink his teeth into. Also, we think we have the perfect actor to play him. Alongside Waititi's comedic turn as Korg in Ragnarok, could anyone else also imagine the director taking on the role of Beta Ray Bill too if he returns to helm another Thor outing? Kevin Feige posted a "we'll do it later" on the chances of Beta Ray Bill's arrival, but with the Korbinite Easter Egg becoming a talking point of Ragnarok, we can keep our hooves crossed that the fan-favorite makes it into the next Thor movie.

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Source: Cinema Blend

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