8 Best Yule Log Videos to Stream This Christmas

This Christmas, settle down to a cozy digital fire with one of these Yule log videos or streaming fireplaces with themes ranging from Star Wars to Marvel to DC. While some Christmas traditions stay pretty static over the years, from Christmas caroling or gifting fruitcakes, Yule logs have taken an interesting turn. Instead of actually burning a log in a fireplace, modern Yule logs are videos, often with gentle sound effects and music.

Of course, this makes it easy to create branded and themed Yule logs for fans of all stripes to enjoy, allowing everyone to enjoy some digital holiday fires with their favorite franchises and personalities. Here's all the best ones we've found.

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Nick Offerman Yule Log

Watch the Nick Offerman Yule Log

Rising to fame because of his character Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, the stern, bearded, whiskey drinking comedian immediately had a very clear brand, and that's exactly what this Yule log is. 10 hours of Nick Offerman staring into the camera and sipping whiskey. Of course, he didn't actually do it for 10 hours. It appears to be a 45-minute loop. Can you find where it resets?

Venom Yule Log

Watch the Venom Yule Log

Venom was a big hit this year, leaning into the obnoxious and absurd take on the character, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that he has his own Yule log. Unfortunately, the video is just a 10-20 second loop of an animated Venom sitting by the fire and occasionally downing a hot cocoa. While it might not be anything fancy, it's only supposed to serve as background noise on the TV, and accomplishes that job just fine.

Pokemon Yule Log

Watch the Pokemon Yule Log

This hour-long Pokemon Yule log is a little more active than many others, featuring an 8-bit Charizard trying to nap by the fire, only to get interrupted by some other Pokemon sneaking around.

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Vader Funeral Pyre Yule Log

Watch the Vader Funeral Pyre Yule Log

There may not be a Star Wars movie coming out this year, but that doesn't mean you can't still ring in the season with some Star Wars fun. This repeating loop of Vader's funeral pyre from Return of the Jedi is a great fireplace substitute for any fans of the galaxy far, far away.

Hallmark Channel Yule Log

Watch the Hallmark Channel Yule Log

Hallmark movies have come to define almost everything stereotypical about Christmas with over 150 Christmas movies produced over the years. True to form, the Hallmark Yule log has almost everything you'd expect other than two people discovering the meaning of Christmas as they fall in love. Instead, there's a lounging cat that gets in and out of a cat bed. An alternate version has both a cat and dog.

Deadpool's 'The 'Poole Log'

Watch Deadpool's 'The 'Poole Log'

Yes, of course there's a Deadpool Yule log. And yes, it's actually a flaming bag of poo. Found on Ryan Reynolds' YouTube channel, The 'Poole Log shows a snowy front porch with a flaming bag, with a hand-drawn "'pool log" written on it, presumably indicating that it's full of the Merc With a Mouth's own steaming Christmas present.

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DC Universe Yule Log

Watch the DC Universe Yule Log

Available only to DC Universe subscribers, this Yule log is presumably located in Wayne Manor, although it's littered with Justice League memorabilia, with stockings over the fireplace belonging to Diane, Clark, Bruce, and a tiny one for Dick. If you watch closely, minor changes happen throughout, such a robin-gloved hand swapping the Dick stocking for a Jason one, or a butler delivering a tray of tea and a first-aid kit. In addition to the stockings, there's also an Aquaman trident and many other DC Easter eggs located throughout.

Marvel Yule Logs

Watch the Marvel Yule Logs

Marvel's YouTube channel offers a variety of Yule logs, all revolving around different characters. You can choose from Captain America's Brooklyn apartment, Ms. Marvel's New Jersey home, Thor's Asgard home, Iron Man's Manhattan apartment, and the Guardians' spaceship. Each set is a meticulously assembled miniature and is accompanied by themed music to match each character.

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