20 Stunning X-Men Cosplayers Who Look Just Like Their Characters

One of the biggest challenges in bringing comic book movies to live-action is trying to get the costumes right. Outfits that work on the page will not always work on film, so a lot of times characters get toned down for the screen. Sometimes it works out great, and other times it leaves something to be desire in terms of costume design. But if you're looking to get a costume done right, professional cosplayers can often do it better than anyone else in the business.

You might think the mutants from the world of X-Men would have a tough time being brought to life without CGI or a team or makeup artists, but these models have shown the kind of great results everyday people can achieve. Whether it's making an outfit that comes straight from the page, or dyeing their entire body a different color, these models are committed.

If you don't believe it, just take a look at these 20 Stunning X-Men Cosplayers Who Look Just Like Their Characters.


It's a pretty difficult thing for a cosplayer to actually surpass the look of the character they are cosplaying, but this outfit from Anais Marion might do just that. The Mystique of the X-Men movies was a cool innovation on the character of the comics, accentuating her mutant characteristics and giving her scales to play up her chameleon-like powers. Since then, it has become a popular outfit for models to emulate at conventions.

Despite presumably not having access to a special effects department, Anais Marion captures the look from the movies exactly, but arguably actually wears it even better. There is something about Marion's take on Mystique that looks a bit more natural than the cinematic version, and it really cements how alien her character is.

Cosplayers dressing up as characters that rely heavily on makeup are always a big show of dedication since, unlike an actual outfit, it’s not like they easily get to put on their costume again. Taking the time to paint your body blue for just one day is some serious commitment.


Psylocke’s modified outfit in the comics not only made her more popular to readers, but also more popular in the cosplaying community. Out of all the X-Men characters Psylocke is someone you will see models appear as quite frequently, but that doesn’t mean that it is an easy look to pull off. Besides just not being a look for the modest, Psylocke does actually pack in a lot more detail than you might notice at first.

It is hard to say what all the black bands around Psylocke’s legs and arms are meant to do, since they don’t offer much protection and can’t be providing much body support either. Nonetheless, Amanda Lynne doesn’t forgo these details and manages to look like Psylocke just walked off the page. If Olivia Munn wasn’t interested in reprising the role for the X-Men movies, Amanda proves she has what it takes to pull off the look.


The modern look of Nighcrawler introduced in X-Men: Apocalypse may not be very old, but it is still a cool look for the character. Apocalypse wanted to introduce a younger version of Kurt, and that ties in well with his somewhat mischievous personality. Plus having Nightcrawler be more covered up had to be nice for the makeup team so they weren’t adding all of the designs on his skin on a constant basis.

Sorta_draws shows how accessible the look is even for cosplay models. It requires some commitment to paint your face and hands blue, but unless you want to be really committed then you don’t have to do your whole body like Mystique cosplayers. Sorta_draws nails the outfit and the hair, and almost looks like an exact match for the movie. The tail is tricky to capture without CGI assistance, but it’s still a great take on the costume.


You know your costume is good when you look almost indistinguishable from the actual actor standing right next to you. Admittedly the costume of the Wolverine from the movies is nowhere near as complex as the Wolverine of the comics, but it still is no easy feat to get into the shape to look the part. Lonstermash even commits with the hair and mutton chops that could easily have him pass as a stunt double for Hugh Jackman.

The claws are particularly cool since even the movies had a lot of trouble getting those to look good. The CGI claws that Wolverine was sometimes given are infamously bad, standing out like a sore thumb with how fake they looked.

Going with physical claws was definitely the smarter move, and Lonstermash demonstrates why. Those claws are probably cumbersome to wear and nowhere near sharp enough to hurt anyone, but they look better than the ones Hugh Jackman himself had at times.


A lot of fans are still disappointed that the marriage of Storm and Black Panther did not wind up standing the test of time. But Storm’s look during that period was a cool departure from the superhero gear we typically see her in, and also more practical as everyday wear. Model Alicia Marie demonstrates just how cool it was in the above the picture above where she captures this unique look from Storm as perfectly as anyone could.

The side by side picture with the Storm of the comics shows how Marie examined even the smallest of details to get the outfit exact. It’s an impressive commitment to the character, and it’s a shame that Fox and the MCU can’t coexist, because this cosplay just goes to show how well this version of Storm could work in real life. Who knows if we’ll see Storm and Black Panther ever get back together, but there was no denying they looked good together.


We have seen a great version of an older Magneto from Ian McKellan, and we've also had a really good version of Magneto in his middle-aged years thanks to Michael Fassbender. One thing we have not gotten a chance to see as of yet in the movies is how a young Magneto would have looked in the classic costume. So Curly_detective has done a pretty interesting cosplay, not only because of how impressive the accuracy of her costume is, but because she gives us a look at how cool a younger Magneto could look.

We have seen Magneto in his youth in Germany both in the comics as well as in the movies, but in the main continuity he doesn't go full blown Magneto until later in life. Seeing as how Eric and Charles don't have their falling out for a while, that makes sense, but the X-Men stories have showed a willingness to experiment with different timelines.


After Logan many fans have been quite happy with the version of X-23 we have seen, and are eager for her to return. In the comics she has taken up the deceased Logan's role to become the new Wolverine, but Danu Cosplay shows off X-23's classic look above. It's unclear if we'll see X-23 return in the movies at all given how far in the future Logan takes place, but if she does, we'll almost certainly need an adult actress to take up the role.

Danu's cosplay offers a look at how the classic X-23 costume works in person, and it meshes pretty well with the uniform the rest of the X-Men have worn. Laura's version of the black jumpsuit is a bit modified, but Logan also wasn't really one for adhering to the team's outfit. The only way Danu could show more dedication to the outfit is if she went as far to have the toe claws as well.


Everyone talks about how X-Men Origins: Wolverine screwed up Deadpool, but the movie really did not do any favors to numerous characters. Gambit could definitely be added to that list since he was one of the most anticipated characters to show up in the movies, but it got botched so majorly. But we saw how well the Deadpool solo movie turned things around, so hopes are high for the Gambit solo movie.

We can understand live-action depictions wanting to ditch Gambit's pink costume and the headband, but the rest of the outfit would look fine on anyone. Besides, Superluigi pulls off the outfit pretty well above. And it's definitely fair to say that his take on Gambit is something a lot more pleasing to see than what we got in Origins.

Hopefully as images from the Gambit movie start getting revealed we will see something closer to this, and something that can help people forget about Origins.


This version of Rogue might be at odds with some of the more serious X-Men films we have had, but it's a pretty cool adaption of her look from the comics and cartoons. This is definitely better than the cinematic version of Rogue, who bore almost no resemblance in outfit or personality to the Rogue fans all love. Maybe now that the movies have recast many of the older roles, we can finally get the version of Rogue we wanted all along.

Spiidermom's version of Rogue immediately captures the tough mutant with the Southern accent that everyone grew up with. The bright outfit and the headband would be a bit too '80s to work on film, but it's a cool throwback look all the same. For fans of the classic Rogue, you couldn't ask for anything better. The only thing missing is her fellow Southerner Gambit at her side.


We have already seen how a live-action version of the Dark Phoenix would look thanks to X-Men: The Last Stand, but that's a movie a lot of fans would rather forget happened. Fox is gearing up to take another stab at doing the famous Dark Phoenix storyline, but maybe this time they can take some pointers from Amanda Lynne, who brought the character to life in three different fashions seen above.

It's the same basic look across all three versions of Jean Grey, but it just goes to show how well the costume looks in a variety of colors. The only thing that's a shame about the outfit is that once the Phoenix shows up, if the story is going to be true to the comics, Jean won't be wearing the outfit for long since she winds up sacrificing herself. Still, we'll see if Sophie Turner can pull off the costume as well as Amanda Lynne does.


Lilandra is a character we have not seen brought to life by an actress yet, but Mermaid_666 gives us a pretty good look at how the character could be portrayed. There is no denying that it is pretty spot on to how Lilandra looks in the comic books, right down to that hair that looks like no easy thing to manage. It's always cool to see models tackle characters who don't get as much exposure to try their hand at something more original than the heroes and villains we see all the time.

This cosplay is also pretty timely what with the X-Men movies getting into the Dark Phoenix storyline next. Jessica Chastain is rumored to be playing her in the next movie, but whether her character is included in the cinematic translation of that story is iffy since X-Men: The Last Stand omitted her. But if nothing else, Mermaid_666 shows that not being able to pull off the costume wouldn't work as an excuse for not including Lilandra.


The X-Men outfits of the movies were a nice attempt to update their costumes out of the '80s. Some fans might have missed the bright blue and yellow jumpsuits, but you can't deny the black costumes worked better for a realistic look. It was kind of nice to see the throwback outfits in First Class, but that’s more to do with nostalgia than anything else. Besides, you still had the core elements of each character intact. Wolverine had his claws, Professor X had his chair, and of course Cyclops had his optic visor.

Cyclops has had his costume updated to be more outlandish in recent years, but for a down to Earth approach this version of Scott looks pretty good. And Chrisvillain matches the outfit from the movies in impressive fashion. If you didn't know better, you would even think this was a promotional image from one of the movies because of how accurate it is.


Fans have been pretty divided on the look revealed for Zazee Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2, but we'll just have to wait until the movie comes out until we can say how well it works. Beetz's costume is a lot more understated than fans might have been expecting, probably to give her a more realistic look. But some cosplay models have shown off how the classic version of Domino would have looked too.

Katy DeCobray gives us a look at the original Domino and it's actually a pretty impressive depiction. We could definitely see this version of Domino working in live-action, though it would doubtless be a lot more time consuming to have to paint a person's body black and white. Still, you can't discount Beetz's take on the character yet.


Iceman has had a few different looks throughout his history, but one of his most common ones sees his entire body become like ice. The sleek and shiny look is fine and definitely fits with his powers, but it also feels a bit too basic sometimes. That version of Iceman almost makes him look like the Silver Surfer, so it's nice to occasionally see the version Chrisvillain shows off here to give the character more distinction.

Iceman keeps his classic X-Men suit, but not getting covered head to toe in ice gives his appearance more room for personality. Seeing his hair get covered in frost is a nice touch, and the ice crystals forming on his skin are also a cool detail. Best of all, since this is all practical effects, you don't lose out on the person beneath the costume by covering him in CGI any time he uses his powers.


Fans of the Scarlet Witch from the MCU movies might be totally unfamiliar with the character's classic look, but she used to look quite a bit different. That's nothing against the MCU's version, who has a stylish modernized outfit. But at some point it's cool to see the classic costume as well, so fans are doubtless hoping for that iteration of the character to show up in Fox's X-Men films eventually.

Shannon P. even makes the large head piece of the outfit work, and shows how well the classic outfit could look. This version of Scarlet Witch really resonates how she is the daughter of Magneto, borrowing his taste for capes and a red color scheme. It's a pretty cool look that wouldn't look out of place at all in the movies, so it's nice to see cosplayers like Shannon P. continuing to give the original Scarlet Witch some appreciation.


The Emma Frost who we see in X-Men: First Class was a bit of a disappointment what with her character not really doing too much, and her outfit not being that great either. The movie still gave us great performances with the introductions of James McAvoy as Professor X, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, and Michael Fassbender as Magneto, but Emma Frost wasn't really done justice there.

Amber Skies brings us her cosplay of the X-Men villain and shows how the character could be done right. While First Class used Emma more as a flirtatious character, her ability to turn her body into diamonds could have certainly been used better when you see how well other durable character like Colossus and Juggernaut do.

Amber Skies makes Emma look like someone powerful who should be respected, which goes to show that sometimes the cosplayers can do it better than the movie makers.


Before the Deadpool movie most casual fans didn't even know who Negasonic Teenage Warhead was. Word is that even Fox did not know who she was as the team behind Deadpool had to resort to using obscure mutants rather than big names. She was pretty far down on the list of recognizable mutants, especially with the likes of Wolverine and Nightcrawler occupying everyone's thoughts. But that quickly changed with her appearance in Deadpool, where her sardonic attitude was a nice contrast to Wade Wilson's wacky nature.

As you can from the side by side pictures above, Ihatejjba is a perfect match for the character aside from how tidy her outfit is. She even has the same kind of irritated look as the actual Negasonic Teenage Warhead— maybe because she's getting a text from a Deadpool.


Even though the movie version of Mystique is pretty much the one everyone knows nowadays, the original comic book version of Mystique does not look bad at all either. More recent comics have even adopted the cinematic look for Mystique, but it would actually be pretty nice to see the classic look on film at some point. For those who say it would never work, Lestrange Cosplayer shows just how cool it can look in real life.

Admittedly that white dress is so long that it could be a tripping hazard, but supervillain costumes aren't always about practicality— which is good, because that belt of skulls is hard to imagine a purpose for. Regardless, just because Mystique is a mutant doesn't mean she can't be fashionable, and the white outfit definitely pairs well with her blue skin.

Mystique can create any appearance she wants for herself, so you’d think she’d be happy to experiment with her look more often.


When someone says they have cosplayed as Professor X, you might not think it’s such a complex costume. All you have to do is be a bald guy wearing a suit and sitting in a wheelchair, right? It still takes skill to pull off, but it’s not as difficult as some of the more elaborate outfits out there. But what makes this cosplay particularly impressive is that Bel Stark is a female cosplayer, and yet as seen above, she looks almost exactly like Patrick Stewart’s Professor X.

A guy might be able to just take advantage of his natural baldness, put on some nice clothes, and take a seat to call himself Professor X. But Bel Stark had to work a bit harder to make the outfit work, using makeup and some drastic changes in hairstyle to make the outfit accurate for her. That’s some impressive dedication to a character.


This two-for-one cosplay gives us a look at a really accurate version of Jubilee from X-Men: Apocalypse, and a pretty cool way to go about a Colossus cosplay. Unfortunately for the handful of Jubilee fans out there, she didn't really get to do much in Apocalypse other than make a cameo, so while her updated look was nice, it was disappointing to not even get to watch her fight someone. Still, Kittie Cosplay is a reminder of the potential the character has.

As for Mark Johnson, his version of Colossus is a creative deviation from the way most cosplayers handle the character. Others often go with silver body paint to portray Colossus, but that doesn't quite capture how huge and metallic his character looks. Johnson really does look like someone who could tower over anyone and would just break your hand if you tried to punch him.


Which cosplayer do you think pulls off their X-Men character the best? Tell us in the comments, and share any other cool X-Men cosplays you have come across!

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