The 10 Best (And 10 Worst) TV Shows According To Rotten Tomatoes

People take their television shows very seriously, and it’s important to know whether binge watching episode after episode is worth their precious time. While judging a show as "good" or "bad" is completely subjective, Rotten Tomatoes is considered by many as a great way to gauge whether or not a television show or film is worth watching.

Rotten Tomatoes is an important tool for viewers everywhere. A television show getting a score of 100% is rare, and only a few shows have achieved such a highly regarded rating. On the other hand, getting a score of 0% is an entirely different kind of achievement.

Most shows end up in the middle range, with different seasons getting different percentages. For example, four seasons of Breaking Bad received the coveted 100% rating, but season one only got a 78%. The show has a 95% overall.

With so many platforms introducing new shows, it can be hard to figure out what to watch. Knowing what’s regarded as "good" or "bad" by critics as well as fans is helpful. The Tomatometer is thus great for helping people decide what to watch. 

Here are The 10 Best (And 10 Worst) TV Shows According To Rotten Tomatoes.

20 Best: Master of None (100%)

Master of None

Netflix’s Original series Master of None has received high praise since it was released in 2015. It is hailed by fans and critics alike and boasts a score of 100%.

Aziz Ansari charmed everyone on Parks and Recreation, and he’s continuing to impress fans as Dev. The show discusses serious matters such as racism and sexism in a way that makes people laugh.

It directly takes on social subjects in direct but lighthearted manner. The show has also been praised for the way it portrays Indian people, defying the typical stereotypes.

Master of None is especially relatable for young people in the millennial generation who are trying to navigate their life. Bonus if you’re a romantic or a foodie. The show has something for everyone to enjoy.

19 Worst: The Kennedy's- After Camelot (0%)

The Reelz show The Kennedys- After Camelot is one of the shows to receive the infamous score of 0% on the Tomatometer. The miniseries focused on Jacqueline Kennedy, played by Katie Holmes, after her husband’s assassination. The drama premiered on April 2, 2017.

Even though the follow up to the 2011 miniseries The Kennedys only had two episodes, it was an immediate failure. Critics immediately took to their laptops to discuss everything wrong with the show after watching it. Matthew Gilbert of The Boston Globe called it an “absurd, horribly written, curiously acted soap opera."

It shouldn’t be a surprise, considering The Kennedys wasn’t considered great in the first place.The reviews were mixed, at best. The follow up wasn’t exactly necessary in the first place. 

18 Best: Jane the Virgin (100%)

Jane The Virgin Full Cast Promo Image Pink

While a show about a girl who is accidentally artificially inseminated may seem a bit weird at first, it’s widely praised. The CW’s Jane The Virgin has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, making it the network’s highest scoring show.

The show perfectly satirizes soap operas and finds the right balance between drama and comedy. Star Gina Rodriguez is a big reason the show has been so successful. She won one Golden Globe and was nominated for three more for her performance as Jane Villanueva.

Jane the Virgin has also received praise for the way it represents Latino culture. The show incorporates both English and Spanish and avoids stereotyping its characters. This impressive comedy is a hit with adults as well as teens. It’s worth checking out just in time to see the new season premiering on October 13th.

17 Worst: Hunters (0%)

Hunters is yet another show to receive a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. The show premiered in 2016 on the SyFy network and it did not receive great reviews.

The show focused on the disappearance of an FBI agent’s wife, which somehow involves aliens. The agent, played by Nathan Phillips, tries to uncover the reasons for her disappearance and joins a group of terrorist-fighting hunters. It was based on a book called Alien Hunter by Whitley Strieber.

Critics said the show was full of cliches and had a terrible budget, making it hard to take seriously. Ken Tucker of Yahoo TV! called it “grim, humorless, and instantly off-putting." While an entire season did make it on the air, it was canceled by the time the season finale was shown.

16 Best: Insecure (100%)

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Insecure should be on everyone’s radar-- or, rather, their television screens. The HBO series also has the coveted 100% rating.

The series follows two black women trying to navigate their hectic lives. It focuses on the friendship between their two characters, played by Issa Rae and Yvonne Orji. Rae is also a creator of the show. She came up with the idea after her successful web series, Awkward Black Girl.

Critics have praised the show for illustrating a female friendship so honestly. It rides a perfect line between comedy and drama, making it both heartfelt and hilarious.

Insecure provides a realistic look at what it’s like to be a twenty-something black woman in Los Angeles, which is why it was such an immediate hit.

15 Worst: Saint George (0%)

It centered on a Mexican-American entrepreneur who is figuring out how to balance his career as well as his crazy family.

Lopez starred alongside Jenn Lyon and Olga Merediz. It premiered on FX and it only lasted one season. A lot of reviews said the jokes were cheap and it lacked any originality.

Lopez has always had a very up and down career. He’s been a part of successful projects such as Rio and Real Women Have Curves. Unfortunately, Saint George was one of the flops.

He currently stars on Lopez, which airs on TV Land. It’s second season aired this year, so it’s more successful than Saint George.

14 Best: Dear White People (100%)

Dear White People Trailer

Netflix has had a ton of successful shows the past few years, and Dear White People is one of them. The timely comedy-drama has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and has received high praise on social media.

The show was created by Justin Simien. It centers around students of color as they attend a primarily white school. It premiered in April of this year and has been renewed for season two. The critically acclaimed show is based on a film of the same name.

Fans love it because it addresses racism head on, and provides content that is relative to the societal issues the current generation is dealing with.

Eric Deggens from NPR called it “the perfect series for young people negotiating a world where struggles over identity grow more complex every day.”

13 Worst: Betrayal (8%)

The show was an adaptation of a Dutch original called Overspel. Betrayal was about a photographer that starts an affair with an attorney who works for a powerful family.

As is always the case with these soap-opera-like shows, their affair is in danger of being exposed. It starred Hannah Ware and Henry Thomas.

At the time, ABC already had three shows underperforming, so Betrayal was allowed to play out an entire season before ending rather than be canceled right away.

At best, the sulky drama was a guilty pleasure for some fans to watch on their Sunday nights.

12 Best: Atlanta (100%)

Bryan Tyree Henry Keith Standfield and Donald Glover in Atlanta

Donald Glover was well known for his music and role on Community, but that’s changed now. His series Atlanta was one of the most talked about shows in 2016. He created, produced, and starred in it.

The FX show follows two young black men try to make it in the Atlanta rap scene. It has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and has been praised by critics.

Glover recently won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy as well as Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series at The Emmy’s, making him the first black director to win in that category.

It was renewed for a second season only two weeks after the show premiered. There is no official release date yet, but season two is supposed to air in 2018.

11 Worst: Charlie's Angels (0%)

Charlie's Angels TV Show

The failed action series starred Rachael Taylor, Minka Kelly, and Annie IIonzeh. They played the three angels, who would receive assignments from a man named Charlie and fight crime.

Critics complained that the plot was confusing and that it can’t even be qualified as a guilty pleasure. Many considered it the worst show of the fall at the time it came out.

There have been many attempts at rebooting Charlie’s Angels. Yet another remake is planned for 2019. It’s going to be a reboot of the 2000 film that was based on the original television series. It seems that no one can let the angels go.

10 Best: Catastrophe (100%)

The British sitcom Catastrophe has jumped around a lot. It originally aired on Channel 4 in the UK. Then, after BBC turned it down, it ended up on Amazon Prime in the US. It has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it isn’t a show that people talk about very often.

The show is about a one night stand that turns into an unexpected pregnancy. Rob Delaney and Sharon Hogan both write and star in the romantic comedy.

Princess Leia herself starred in the series. Carrie Fisher’s last appearance in the show was shot only days before she passed away. The finale of season three was dedicated to her.

Critics have called it “wittingly funny” and “charming.” There have been three seasons so far, and it has been renewed for a new one in 2018.

9 Worst: Dads (0%)

Dads was another sitcom to receive a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. While the show had a decent cast, the characters were called “unlikeable” and it didn’t make it past one season. The reviews from critics were overwhelmingly negative.

The sitcom was about two men whose lives change when their fathers have to move in with them. It included stars like Seth Green and Brenda Song.

Fox aired 19 episodes of the show despite it’s low ratings. As the reviews continued to get worse, the network had to cancel the show.

Apparently the shows overtly racist jokes didn’t go over too well with people. On Rotten Tomatoes, critic Isaac Feldberg wrote, “Who is responsible for the flagrantly unfunny bricolage of stereotypes that is FOX's Dads?” It doesn’t sound like a show worth watching.

8 Best: The Good Fight (100%)

Good Fight

The show is a spinoff of The Good Wife. It takes place a year after that series ended and focuses on Diane Lockhart. She has to start at a new law firm and rebuild her career. Actresses Christine Baranski and Rose Leslie star in the drama.

The legal drama is a part of an attempt for CBS to start their own streaming service to rival ones such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. It sounds like CBS All Access might just be worth checking out if it includes The Good Fight.

7 Worst: We Are Men (4%)

People expected any show coming from the man who wrote How I Met Your Mother to be good, but they were sorely mistaken. We Are Men was written and produced by Ron Greenberg, but it was a complete failure.

It centered on a man who befriended three other divorced men after he was left at the alter and moved to a new apartment complex. The sitcom tanked and received a low 4% on Rotten Tomatoes. It aired a measly two episodes before CBS canceled it.

Andy Greenwald from Grantland wrote, “I suppose a more honest title like We Are Sad Little Boys wouldn't be so easily green-lit.” The immature bro-humor and midlife crisis jokes were not appreciated by critics. It’s a show better left in the past.

6 Best: The Returned (100%)

The Returned was an American supernatural drama that aired on A&E in 2014. It was an adaptation of a French series called Les Revenants. It also boasts a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

It was developed by Carlton Cuse, the man responsible for the iconic drama Lost. The show is about a town that is disrupted when people who are long dead begin to show up. It starred Kevin Alejandro from True Blood and Agnes Bruckner from Blood and Chocolate.

Although it was really well received by critics, A&E canceled it after only one season. Fans were upset because they feel they only got ten episodes of the show and never saw a proper finale. Even though there isn’t a true ending, the one season has been called a “must-see”.

5 Worst: Work It (5%)

Work It

The show Work It was problematic from the beginning. The show is about two men who pose as women in order to get sales jobs at a company because they believe women aren’t as affected by the bad economy. It was full of stereotypes from the first episode.

The premiere was watched by 6.16 million people, and dropped to 4.9 million by the second episode. It has a small score of 5% on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics and the general public alike were upset with the show. A major complaint was that ABC would even air a show like that in the first place.

LGBTQ advocacy groups, such as the Human Rights Campaign, said the show was demeaning to the transgender community. The general consensus from people everywhere was that the show should have been canceled.

4 Best: Search Party (100%)

Alia Shawkat in Search Party

The dark comedy Search Party hasn’t received a lot of attention from the general public, but critics have been praising it since it premiered in 2016.

It focuses on four narcissistic twenty-somethings who are wrapped up in a mystery after someone they know disappears. Alia Shawkat and plays the main character, Dory.

After an acquaintance goes missing, she enlists her circle of friends to help. John Early and John Reynolds also appear in the show.

Search Party is so good it has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. The show has been described by critics as quirky, weird, and intelligent. All ten episodes of the series are available online.

It was renewed for a new season, which will be released later this year on November 19th.

3 Worst: Dr. Ken (7%)

Dr Ken

The show was about a doctor attempting to balance his family life and his professional life. It starred Ken Jeong, who is most well-known for Community and The Hangover.

While his other performances were quite funny, the 44 episodes of Dr. Ken didn’t resonate with critics or audiences. It’s ironic, considering Jeong is a licensed doctor in real life.

As Diane Werts from Newsday put it: “Dr. Ken will make you sick.” The other reviews weren’t much better. Jeong is currently working on Amusement Park. Time will tell if it will be more successful than his failed sitcom.

2 Best: The Bold Type (100%)

The Freeform drama The Bold Type premiered in July of 2017. Season one consisted of ten episodes. The new show received high praise from critics and boasts a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show is based on the life of Cosmopolitan editor in chief, Joanna Coles. It shows the women working at the magazine, called Scarlet, as they navigate their lives.

Actresses Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, and Meghann Fahy star in the teen drama. The show highlights the importance of female friendships as well as the power of journalism.

It’s been praised as a compelling teen drama that perfectly highlights the issues of sexuality, religion, and politics young people face today. It’s even been compared to Sex and the City as well as Devil Wears Prada.

1 Worst: Marvel's Inhumans (6%)

While Marvel’s Inhumans hasn’t officially aired on television yet, the reviews are not looking great. The show only has a 6% on rotten tomatoes.

Inhumans has been a big part of the show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The new show is about a genetically altered group of super-humans who have to fight to protect themselves after a military coup.

It’s based on the Marvel comics of the same name. It includes characters like Black Bolt and Medusa. Game of Thrones star Iwan Rheon will play the villain, Maximus.

While it hasn’t appeared on ABC yet, it debuted on IMAX screens on September 1st. It’s the first live-action television series to debut this way. The series premieres on the network on September 29th.


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