The 5 Best Sam & Cat Episodes Nickelodeon Ever Made (& The 5 Worst)

Sam & Cat, the Nickelodeon spin-off of iCarly and Victorious which aired for only one season, had some great and some really bad episodes.

Nickelodeon built an empire thanks to the mind of Dan Schneider. Schneider, who parted ways with the network in 2018, started his relationship with Nickelodeon working on the kid’s sketch show All That in the early 90's. Kenan & Kel, The Amanda Show, Zoey 101, Drake & Josh, iCarly, and Victorious followed over the next 20 years before Sam & Cat debuted.

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Many of Schneider’s previous shows were built around actors who got their start on All ThatSam & Cat is a spin-off of two shows: iCarly and Victorious. Jennette McCurdy played her iCarly character Sam. Ariana Grande played her Victorious character Cat. While Sam was caustic and street smart, Cat was sweet and gullible. The two polar opposites became roommates in a 35 episode series that had its ups and downs. Here are the 5 best and the 5 worst episodes of the series.

8 Best: Pilot

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Sam & Cat had an advantage over other shows because it took two characters from already beloved properties. The pilot proved that the odd couple concept would work, and that McCurdy and Grande had a natural chemistry to carry the show without the leads kids were used to seeing them with.

7 Worst: #MyPoober S1E19

Sam And Cat MyPoober S1E19

While the episode had a lot of funny moments, it’s a little sad that the characters would be willing to separate a kid from the one object they loved most in the world. Cat especially, since she actually had a stuffed purple giraffe in the series that carried over from Victorious and sometimes made trips in her bicycle with her. It made the duo seem a little hypocritical.

6 Best: #TextingCompetition S1E05

Sam And Cat TextingCompetition S1E05

The episode featured Sam and Cat babysitting a boy and helping him train for a texting competition. In a world where cell phones have become our primary method of communication, and texting is more common than talking, it makes sense that a kid would be the frontrunner in a competition like this.

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Of course, in a twist, it’s Sam who entered the fray, competing against the kid. He just wanted to get out from under his mother’s thumb. It’s a fun and funny episode.

5 Worst: #FresnoGirl S1E29

Sam And Cat FresnoGirl S1E29

The episode relied on more and more gags to keep the audience entertained, splitting the episode into multiple smaller stories in a short amount of time. As a result, all of the stories suffered from being little more than a series of jokes. If only the whole episode had focused on the Fresno Girl dolls instead, perhaps it would have been more entertaining.

4 Best: #Twinfection S1E16

Sam And Cat Twinfection S1E16

Though “Twinfection” does make you wonder how Sam and Cat can remain friends, let alone roommates, a lot of fans likely enjoyed the episode because of its in-universe continuity. Sam’s twin Melanie was first introduced in an episode of iCarly where Sam’s friend Freddie thought he was being pranked by Sam. It’s always fun to see Jennette McCurdy get to stretch her acting skills.

3 Worst: #StuckInABox S1E30

Sam And Cat StuckInABox S1E30

Comedies like to have aspiring magicians mess up a trick. In this case, Dice had a faulty magic box. When Cat ended up trying out his new magic trick, she found herself stuck in the box that’s supposed to make her disappear. Sam and company spent the entire episode trying to figure out a way to get Cat out of the box. The episode likely would have been more interesting if the attempts to get Cat out of the box were more unusual, in line with the series’ wacky style of comedy.

2 Best: #YayDay S1E25

Sam And Cat YayDay S1E25

Cat, who had a problem with “snooping,” snuck a peak at what she thought was her present. When disappointed, she traded Sam’s present for a dirty pillow. The experience disappointed Sam, who never got any good presents from family growing up. The episode itself was as funny as any of the series, but the extra backstory, and the two discussing giving good presents after the fact only solidified the friendship between them.

1 Worst: #DroneBabyDrone S1E32

Sam And Cat DroneBabyDrone S1E32
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