Top 10 Movie Moments of 2013

When making this list, we found there were quite a few moments that stuck out in mind. Here are a few that fell just short of the Top 10:

  • Evans as Hiddleston - Who didn't love that little Avengers Easter egg in Thor The Dark World?
  • Cruise vs. Cruise (Oblivion) - Maybe you saw the clone twist coming, maybe you didn't. Either way, it was cool to see Tom Cruise kicking his own ass.
  • Train fight (The Wolverine) - The trailer made this sequence look bad, but in the finished film it was pretty sweet (even in 3D).
  • Awkward Dinner (Only God Forgives) - Kristen Scott Thomas' monologue in that scene seared our brains and probably helped clear the room at Cannes.
  • Rusty Interrogator (Olympus Has Fallen) - Gerard Butler made stabbing a man through the face a LOL moment. We're not sure that's a healthy thing.
  • "Fly a Kite" song (Saving Mr. Banks) - This catchy and iconic Mary Poppins tune is showcased twice in the film; first it'll bring a smile to your face, later, tears to your eyes.


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