10 Witches We'd Love (or Hate) To See 'Hansel & Gretel' Fight

Hansel Gretel Witch Hunters Wishlist

They haunted our childhood with their nose warts and evil cackles, but as we aged, the fear of the most famous witches from TV and movies never left us. Sure, we realize now that the makeup and cobwebs were more set dressing than actual horror, but those psychological scars aren't going anywhere.

Now a pair of champions - Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters - arrive in theaters, with Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton as the fairy tale tykes all grown up. But one question remains: which witches will they be hunting?

With that in mind, we've named the fictional witches we most hope to see the siblings unleash bullet and bolt upon; as well as those we dearly hope haven't made their hit list. See if your own tormenters can be found on our list of 10 Witches We'd Love (or Hate) To See Hansel & Gretel Fight.

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