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With two back to back releases, Marvel Animation had high hopes of capturing some of the spotlight from the MCU. Things wouldn’t work out that way. Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United hit shelves in December 2013, where it was promptly panned for its

use of a new animation process called 2-D wrapping. Intended to emphasize the facial features of Tony Stark and his big green ally, the characters looked blocky, moving awkwardly as they investigated a new plot from Hydra.

Despite the negative response of the first film, Marvel already had a follow-up in the pipeline. As one could've predicted, Iron Man and Captain America was much of the same. Together, Tony and Steve Rogers fought against Red Skull’s plan to create an army of super-soldiers while also rescuing one of the Iron Man suits from Taskmaster.

For someone who's easily distracted, we’re sure the low-grade animation and lack of exciting plots would've been fine, but for such a large studio as Marvel, it felt like a lack of effort. While a five-year-old child is likely to get some amusement out of it, this version of Iron Man falls short of the others on our list.

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