5 Best Couples On Total Divas (& 5 Worst)

WWE's Total Divas reality show will enter its 9th season soon so no better time to celebrate its TV return with the best and worst couples!

Through eight seasons and six years, we've now seen a ton in the world of the ladies on Total Divas. Having this much access to the personal lives of these women means that we get a deep look into their relationships. Some are married, some are in long term romances, and others are just out looking for flings.

There are couples that we can't get enough of and on the flip side, there are some that we can't stand. There are also a fair number of pairings that kind of rank in the middle who we don't care all that much about. Regardless, we've taken the best and the worst couples in series history.

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10 Worst: Alexa Bliss And Buddy Murphy

If this list were based on how great the couples are as wrestlers, Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy would rank near the top. And as a couple, these two seemed pretty happy. Before Bliss joined the cast they had been together for several years. Their time on the show also didn't feature them being annoying or anything like that.

That being said, Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy must rank on the "worst" side of things because they ultimately don't do anything on Total Divas. There's only one episode that focuses on them, with Murphy dealing with being underused as his girlfriend finds massive success. Other than that, he was rarely on the show.

9 Best: Maryse And The Miz

Maryse was only a member of the Total Divas cast for two seasons, but she made quite the impact. Her relationship with future Hall of Famer The Miz is one of the most entertaining things we ever got on the show. They play off each other so well and were always the place to go for a good laugh.

This couple is so good together that they became the first to get their own spinoff series. Sure the Bella Twins have Total Bellas, but Maryse and The Miz have Miz and Mrs. on the USA Network. That show is a delight and always a lot of fun. It all stems from their short but memorable time on Total Divas.

8 Worst: Mandy Rose And Michael

These days, everyone knows Mandy Rose. She's part of an entertaining tag team with Sonya Deville and one of the most talented women on the roster. But when she joined Total Divas, nobody really knew her. She had her run on Tough Enough but had yet to appear on WWE programming.

That already put her at a disadvantage next to the other girls. When you add in that her relationship was with a normal guy who wasn't part of the wrestling industry, you got something uninteresting. These were two people who never gave us a reason to get invested in their romance. Thankfully, she's done much better in her wrestling career since.

7 Best: Natalya And Tyson Kidd

Better known on the show as Nattie and TJ, these two have the longest-lasting relationship on the series. Natalya and Tyson Kidd met when they were just 12 years old while training at the Hart Family Dungeon. They began dating in late 2001 and have been together ever since.

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Nattie has been part of every season and TJ has appeared in most of them. We've watched them go through the good and bad and rooted for them each time. Who could forget when Nattie tried to spice up their love life by going to a dominatrix for help? Fans love this couple because they were fans of both as wrestlers and together, they just work. They also had the series' first wedding.

6 Worst: Carmella And Big Cass

Carmella is a lot like Alexa Bliss in that she wasn't on the show for long and her relationship never made much of an impact. We knew that she was with former WWE Superstar Big Cass and they appeared in a couple of episodes together. But that's about it. The rest of their time on the show was largely forgettable.

The most notable thing they did was visit Miz and Maryse once and that was only enjoyable because of the way Miz and Maryse tried to get them to have a sleepover. This was a couple that was almost impossible to care about. Unlike Mandy and Michael, we knew Carmella and Cass and still didn't want to see them.

5 Best: Nikki Bella And John Cena

Just because a relationship doesn't last forever, it doesn't mean it was a failure. Fans loved John Cena and Nikki Bella together. They were a focal point from the very first episode. Arguably the most marketable female in WWE dating their biggest male star. What's not to love?

It helped that Nikki and John were a lot of fun to watch. John would play the straight man to all of the crazy stuff Nikki and her family did. He'd even break out of his serious persona once in a while. Just look at his incredible beer pong performance to see that. The show has missed John dearly since the couple split, but we'll cherish the time we got to spend with these two.

4 Worst: Paige And Anyone

Unfortunately, Paige has had some rough relationships during her time on the show. First, there was the lead singer of Emarosa Bradley Walden. The two never seemed to have much chemistry and were most notable for their arguments. Then, she dated Kevin Skaff of A Day to Remember.

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The relationship with Skaff was the biggest issue. It never gave viewers anything of interest to watch and was clearly not meant to last. Paige agreed to an engagement that she never wanted. Their split seemed obvious from the start. There was also her disastrous engagement to Alberto Del Rio that was wildly toxic, though we thankfully didn't get much of that on the show.

3 Best: Trinity And Jon

For some reason, the showrunners keep moving Trinity (Naomi in WWE) in and out of the show. She'll be on for a season or two, gone for another two, and then back again. She doesn't get into all of the drama that her co-stars do, but her marriage to Jon (WWE's Jimmy Uso) is always a source for greatness.

Trinity and Jon are simply a joy to watch together. While they're mostly drama-free, the conflicts they get into are usually lighthearted and fun. Jon is hilarious and Trinity genuinely seems to be having the time of her life whenever they're together. It's so infectious to watch.

2 Worst: Eva Marie And Jonathan

Eva Marie is widely considered to be the least liked cast member in Total Divas history. Her time on the show led to her becoming one of the most hated Superstars on the roster. She was mercilessly booed every single time she appeared on screen. Her relationship with Jonathan Coyle was one of the least liked things about her.

This was just an unlikable couple. They often bickered about the most mundane things and we never cared to see them make up. Another issue was Jonathan's family. They were the most unlikable people on the show. Whenever Jonathan and Eva appeared on the show, viewers were ready to change the channel.

1 Best: Brie Bella And Daniel Bryan

There really could be no other top choice. The Bella Twins are often the focal point of Total Divas and Brie's marriage to Daniel Bryan is the strongest bond on the show. They've been together since before the first episode and their ups and downs are consistently a strong point.

We watched Brie and Daniel get married. We watched them struggle to get pregnant. We were there when Birdie was born. Bryan's comeback from a career-threatening injury and Brie's return after giving birth were all chronicled on this series. They make each other better and we love them for it. They're the ideal Total Divas couple.

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