10 Cheap Celebrities Who Are Terrible Tippers (And 10 Who Are Incredibly Generous)

For those of us who aren't rich and famous, tipping is a standard anytime you order a pizza or go out for a meal. People will judge you no matter how much you tip, but for us common folk, we can save face by tossing a few bucks on the side.

One of the biggest perks of being a celebrity is having tons of money. One of the best ways to prove (or flaunt) your wealth is going around town and tipping generously for whatever service you receive. It's expected that if you're rich, then you have to flaunt the big bucks, but that's not always the case.

Celebrities have a higher pressure to tip well. If they do tip well, it reflects greatly on their brand and persona, making everyone like them just that much more. If they don't tip well, then their inner cheapskate comes out and we're all aware of their penny-pinching practices.

Many say that you can get to know a person just by knowing how much they tip. Here are 10 Cheap Celebrities Who Are Terrible Tippers (And 10 Who Are Incredibly Generous).

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Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold on Entourage
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20 Cheap: Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold on Entourage

Jeremy Piven launched to stardom after his role as Ari Gold on the hit TV show Entourage, a show that gave us an "insider" look at Hollywood by focusing on struggling actors and producers. Despite the show's premise, Piven makes way more money than his television counterpart, with a cool estimated net worth of $20 million.

Despite what's in his bank account, Piven went to a high-end sushi joint with a group of twelve, without a reservation. Piven reportedly decided that leaving a cash tip was beneath him, and instead opted to leave a signed copy of an Entourage DVD as a tip. The saddest thing about this story isn't how cheap Piven is, but that he carries around signed copies of Entourage DVD's with him.

19 Generous: Amy Schumer

Inside Amy Schumer may be over

Not only is Amy Schumer hilarious, she's one of the best tippers out there! With a net worth of $16 million (that's still growing as her popularity rises), Schumer definitely doesn't need to worry about her bills. Taking her friends and boyfriend out to see Hamilton, she racked up a $77 bar tab, which is relatively small.

However, her tip wasn't small, as she dropped an additional $1000 tip for the bartenders working there. Why? Because they were all aspiring actors like Schumer herself, and as someone who used to work as a bartender, Schumer empathized with them and decided to tip them graciously. Whatever people say about Amy Schumer, they can't be able to deny that she's a great tipper!

18 Cheap: Britney Spears

Britney Spears

For somebody who quite literally grew up in the limelight, Britney Spears is reportedly pretty stingy when it comes to tipping. With an estimated net worth of over $180 million, the pop star is certainly pushing it when she leaves no tips. It's reported that Spears racked up a gargantuan bill of $251 at an L.A restaurant and opted to leave not even a single penny as gratuity.

While leaving no tip is certainly stingy and must look bad on the pop star's reputation, she's also been reported to degrade others who aren't able to live as lavishly as her. When picking up her car from valet parking, Spears allegedly threw a bunch of change on the floor, saying "There's your tip", to the parking valet.

17 Generous: Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck may not be as rich as billionaire Bruce Wayne, whom he portrays in Justice League, but the star has well over $100 million in the bank. One early morning in Santa Monica, Ben Affleck went to a coffee shop, but he was in a rush to do whatever Ben Affleck does. Whilst paying for his coffee, Affleck realized that he only had hundred dollar bills.

The cashier didn't have enough change to give him from the register and told the star that she would get the remaining change from the back safe. In a rush, Affleck said that she could keep the change for herself and quickly dispersed to do whatever he had to do that day. It sure must be cool to be Ben Affleck!

16 Cheap: Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst on Fargo season 2

Best known for her role in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, Kirsten Dunst has an estimated net worth of about $25 million. She may be a million, but she sure doesn't tip like one. Dining in at a high-profile restaurant in New York City, Dunst managed to rack up a bill that was over $200.

According to Eliza Pharrel, the assistant manager at the restaurant, Dunst paid the bill but failed to leave even a single penny of gratuity for the wait staff. It certainly speaks volumes when such a high-profile actress reportedly walks out of a posh restaurant that would cater to her every want and need, and leave absolutely nothing for the servers. What would Spidey think of that?!

15 Generous: Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is one of Hollywood's most notorious and high-profile actors working today. While he may not be able to pull audiences to the cineplexes like he once used to, he still knows how to treat waitstaff. With an estimated net worth of about $200 million, Depp flaunts his cash whenever he goes out for a nice meal.

During the filming of Public Enemies in Chicago, Depp developed an affinity for the local Gibson's Steakhouse, particularly for a waiter named Mohammad Sekhani. Visiting numerous times, Depp told the waiter he'd return after the film's premiere, and as promised, he did.

Arriving at the restaurant at around 11:30 with his costars and director Micheal Mann, Depp requested a private room and ordered a ludicrous amount of food and wine for the party. With the bill at $4,400 at 2:30 am, Depp left Sekhani a $4000 tip to cap off the night.

14 Cheap: Madonna

Madonna has dabbled in both film and music, which is no surprise, considering she has an estimated net worth of about $800 million, which makes her one of the highest paid singers of all time. Considered by many to be the queen of pop, Madonna is known in the service industry as someone who never leaves a tip. And when she does, it's usually laughably low, considering she splurges.

On one famous occasion, her and her beau at the time, director Guy Ritchie, went to a restaurant and racked up a $400 bill. Instead of treating the wait staff well, they both left a measly $18 tip, that barely even accounted for 10% of the bill. It just goes to show that just because someone is rich and famous doesn't mean that they have to act like it.

13 Generous: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore in Scream

Everybody loves Hollywood sweetheart Drew Barrymore, including the staff who waits on her. How could they not? She's an all-star ti With an approximate net worth of $125 million, Barrymore shows it whenever she goes out to a meal. Before Ana Ortiz became a household name, the Ugly Betty star used to be your run of the mill bartender.

Drew Barrymore once visited the pub where Ortiz worked in New York City twice and tipped her 100% of the bill on both occasions. Tipping more than 10% is the norm, but doubling the amount of the bill and then some is something practically unheard of. If Barrymore is ever at a restaurant, the wait staff there should feel extremely lucky!

12 Cheap: Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

No stranger to controversy, Bill Cosby once had an estimated net worth of $400 million, but maybe he knew he should save it for a legal defense. Despite his television persona being considered generous, Cosby was far from it when it came to tipping the wait staff at restaurants. In fact, his shows aimed to set a good example for the future generation, but they should most likely reject his advice once they hear how much he tipped.

On a bill that was $350, Cosby only tipped $3, which is not even 1%. It's quite surprising to hear that one of the '90s favorite comedians and television figures is a cheapskate, but it makes sense once you realize that he was probably saving up for his future legal troubles.

11 Generous: Bill Murray

Bill Murray

Bill Murray is a national treasure, and with an estimated net worth of $140 million, his bank loves him too. An all-around cool guy, Murray is known to be a suave bartender and tends to buy people free drinks if he can make them himself. Since he knows what it's like to work in the trenches of a restaurant, he most certainly knows how to treat them.

Once, Murray gave a 120% tip on a bill. However, the story doesn't end there, because, in classic Murray fashion, the star decided to help his waiter out. Murray taught the server how to make their lemon wedges juicier by rolling them on a cutting board, then cutting them. The best part about this story is the sheer joy the server must have felt after being taught how to roll lemons by none other than Bill Murray.

10 Cheap: The Rock

Dwayne The Rock Johnson on WWE

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of Hollywood's most lovable celebrities. He's smart, charming, and funny, so what's not to like? It turns out that the wrestler turned actor, who has a net worth of about $220 million is reportedly pretty cheap when it comes to tipping, especially when he's the one making ridiculous demands.

It's been reported that The Rock asked a steakhouse to open up earlier than usual. His reason? So he wouldn't run into fans, which is a pretty solid reason, considering everyone is his "biggest fan". However, when the bill came, The Rock only tipped a measly $7. It's not clear how much his bill was, but considering that he made the restaurant open early just for him, that $7 should have had at least one zero behind it.

9 Generous: Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen and the cast of Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen tends to get in a lot of trouble on and off screen, but there's one thing he's great at: tipping! With an estimated net worth of about $150 million, Sheen is living lavishly and he wants everybody to know it! After his daughter's birthday party, the Two and a Half Men star decided to treat the wait staff who tended to the party with a huge bonus.

Already paying their full wages, Sheen personally tipped each and every wait staff an additional $200 for making his daughter's birthday party extra special. The best part about this story is that he also allegedly gave each staff member a vial of tiger blood as well, to top off their new bonus. This begs the question, what's worth more? $200 or a vial of tiger blood?

8 Cheap: Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is considered by many to be one of the worst celebrity tippers alive, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, considering his estimated net worth is around $740 million. On multiple occasions, the famous golfer has shorted wait staff of tips and at times, he won't tip at all.

Woods' most infamous tipping story is when he asked a blackjack dealer for a $5 tip back because he realized that he had already tipped the man beforehand. Wood's excuse is that he doesn't carry cash with him, which is a suitable response, but if he can pay using his cards, then he can certainly tip with them as well.

7 Generous: Russel Crowe

Russel Crowe is everyone's favorite Gladiator, and for the people of England, he's more than likely their favorite tipper. With an estimated net worth of about $75 million, a pint of beer won't break the bank for the famous New Zealand star. So, during a night out, Crowe stopped at a local pub with nine of his buddies and ordered about £240 worth of food and beer.

To top off the bill, Crowe dropped an additional £600 tip for the wait staff, but his generosity didn't end there! Crowe continued his streak of positivity by having an impromptu singing session with the locals. It's hard to comment on his singing, but it sure must've been an insane night for the locals out that night, as well as for the wait staff who got to split that gargantuan tip amongst themselves.

6 Cheap: Usher

Usher hasn't made many strides these days as a recording artist, but back in the day, his songss were on every radio station, which is no secret, considering music has made him over $170 million. Despite an abundance of fame and money, Usher still refuses to tip decently. In fact, Usher has been known to follow the "Jeremy Piven" school of thought and give autographs instead of tips.

One of the most infamous stories revolving around Usher's tipping habits includes the time where he, his wife, mother, and father went out for some food that racked up to $118. They paid the bill and only rounded it up to $120, leaving only $2 to the wait staff who tended Usher and his party of 4, which is less than 2% tip.

5 Generous: Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd Ghostbusters Reboot Cameo

Dan Aykroyd is best known as one of the Ghostbusters, but to the wait staff in Syracuse, New York, he's considered an angel. While most people would take advantage of the fact that they're regulars at a restaurant and maybe skimp on a tip due to familiarity, Aykroyd treats the wait staff there like family - and tips them accordingly.

A waitress who works at the restaurant, who remained anonymous, told reporters that Aykroyd tips amazingly whenever he stops by. His tip? Either $100 or 50% tab, whichever comes first for the star who is currently in his early sixties. For somebody who has over $130 million in the bank, Aykroyd is not too shabby when it comes to tipping generously.

4 Cheap: Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner skyrocketed to fame thanks to her older sister Kim Kardashian, and thanks to her modeling career, the young socialite has a net worth of about $18 million. Dabbling in all sorts of projects and becoming a well-known individual, Jenner has gotten her fair share of hate, most recently thanks to an iffy Pepsi campaign.

As a tipper, Jenner has also received a considerable amount of backlash. When visiting a popular bar in New York, Jenner racked up a bill of $24 and failed to leave a tip. She paid with her credit card, and the bar posted her receipt sans tip online, to much fanfare. Jenner responded to the restaurant by saying that she tipped in cash to save face. According to the restaurant, Jenner failed to leave a cash tip as well and ostracized her for lying.

3 Generous: Justin Bieber

justin bieber zoolander

Justin Bieber is one of the most successful recording artists of this decade, with a net worth of over $225 million. With all that fame and wealth comes the responsibility to do good towards your fellow wait staff, and Bieber always tries his best to leave a good tip.

Bieber and his girlfriend at the time, recording artist Selena Gomez, went to a steakhouse in DC and racked up a $120 bill. While the wait staff didn't reveal how much Bieber left, they did say that it was almost as big as the bill! Another story of Bieber tipping well is when he went to IHOP, again with Gomez, and tipped a whopping 200% on the bill. Talk about impressing your girlfriend!

2 Cheap: Sean Penn

Sean Penn in The Gunman

Sean Penn is an interesting character, and with over two decades of acting under his belt, some consider him to be one of the best actors working right now, which makes perfect sense considering he has over $140 million in the bank. No stranger to controversy, it turns out that Penn is also contentious when it comes to tipping.

Penn and his buddies went out for a dinner one night, and the wait staff tried their best to accommodate to their every wish, mostly because they were expecting a fat tip. With a bill of $450, it's safe to assume that the staff was going to get a substantial tip. However, Penn failed to leave even a penny behind, which more than certainly ruined the staff's mood that night.

1 Generous: Drew Carey

The Drew Carey Show Crossover

Drew Carey has been a fan favorite for decades, and his positivity and optimism can be seen both on and off the screen. With a net worth of $165 million, Carey manages to do pretty well for himself. Considered by many to be a great tipper, Carey has consistently tipped well wherever he goes. Instead of tipping ridiculous amounts at one specific restaurant, Carey is known to spread his tips about.

At a steakhouse, the comedian racked up a $250 bill and decided to top off the bill with an additional $400 tip, which is quite a smooth way to end the night. Beyond that, Carey is a regular at a local cafe in Los Angeles, and whenever he goes there, he never fails to tip anywhere between $50 to $100.


Which celebrity is the best tipper? Which is the worst tipper? Comment below and let us know!

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