16Terrible: Viva Laughlin - Remake of Blackpool

Blackpool vs Viva Laughlin Hugh Jackman

Taking the trope of basing a series around a murder mystery but turning it on its head by adding elaborate musical numbers into the proceedings, BBC's Blackpool-- retitled Viva Blackpool when it was broadcast on BBC America-- wasn't a ratings smash or a universal critical hit but did win awards and earned

a cult following.

One of Blackpool's fans was Hugh Jackman, who at that point had already knocked out three X-Men movies and had the clout to convince CBS that a prime-time musical dramady series with a considerable budget was a good idea. The remake, titled Viva Laughlin and also featuring Melanie Griffith, and was savaged by critics and had ratings so abysmal that CBS only aired two of the eight completed episodes.

Beyond cameos and award show hosting gigs, Jackman was basically done with the world of television after that.

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