Now You're Thinking with Portals: Our 10 Favorite World-Hopping Movies

Speaking of movies that are starting to show their age, Stay Tuned can sometimes come off as a relic of its time – full of increasingly dated references and channeling anxieties about the evolution of entertainment that feel weirdly hysterical 20 years on.

This doesn't keep the movie from being quite the hoot – a high-energy romp through a dozen different settings and film/television parodies. After signing up for what seems like the deal of a lifetime, television addict Roy Knable (John Ritter) and his long-suffering wife Helen (Pam Dawber) are sucked into a demonic television set and find themselves on the run through hundreds of malevolently bent channels – all of which are trying to kill them. A wonderfully demented animated segment makes Stay Tuned worth the price of admission alone.

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