Now You're Thinking with Portals: Our 10 Favorite World-Hopping Movies

Though director Terry Gilliam has made a long career out of weaponized surrealism, Time Bandits still ranks as one of the strangest and most exciting entries in his filmography. If you haven't seen it, any summary ends up sounding like a the description of a fever dream.

A neglected young boy falls in with a gang of thieving dwarves who travel through time and space using a map stolen from the Supreme Being. In the course of their adventures, they escape the sinking of the Titanic, hoodwink Napoleon (played with scene-chewing seriousness by Ian Holm), hang out with Robin Hood, escape the clutches of ogres and minotaurs, and eventually show down with the living incarnation of Evil in a timeless Fortress of Ultimate Darkness.

With all its fantastical creatures and leaps from location to location, Time Bandits is more or less the epitome of the world-hopping adventure flick.

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