12 Great Villain Casting Choices Who Were Barely in the Movie

Star Wars 7 - Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie) Character Name

A casting choice can make or break a movie, not only for the main characters, but also for the antagonists. Often, a film's villain can be the linchpin for the success of a movie, and choosing the right actor can bring depth, complexity, and nuance to an otherwise generic "bad guy." For this list, the actor chosen to play each villain was exciting, more often than not because of their previous work.

However, upon viewing the movie, each actor's role is surprisingly small, especially given the excellent casting choice. In some cases, this feels like a wasted opportunity, but in others, actors illustrate just how much they can captivate and terrify audiences in a limited period of time. The inclusion on this list is merely a measurement of time; each character is featured for less than 15% of the film, with most appearances less than 15 minutes in length.

Because of the increasingly serial nature of Hollywood films, some of these villains appear in later films for longer periods of time (or will appear in upcoming films). For this reason, each entry mentions the actor, character, and a specific film. The amount of time that each character appeared in a single movie is taken into consideration, regardless of whether or not they appear in subsequent films.

Finally, some film genres - such as horror or mystery - operate with an omnipresent and threatening villain whose physical presence is hidden for most of the movie. For example, monsters from horror films who are only seen on camera in the last minutes of a movie are not included. Similarly, someone in a mystery film who is only revealed to be the villain in the last minutes of a movie is also not included, so The Usual Suspects' (1995) Keyser Soze was not included despite the great casting choice and superb villainy.

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12 Anthony Hopkins - The Silence of the Lambs

Best Unscripted Movie Scenes Silence Lambs Hannibal

Anthony Hopkins' legendary performance as Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs (1991) is noteworthy not only for his brilliance, but also for its screen time - Hopkins won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1991 even though he was only on screen for around sixteen minutes. Usually, a role of that size would be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, but Hopkins' performance and character's integral role in the story garnered him the title of Best Actor. While Hopkins has had, and continues to have, an award-winning career, his role as the pivotal and villainous Hannibal Lecter earned him his one and only Oscar.

Hopkins went on to reprise the role of Dr. Lecter in both the sequel Hannibal (2001) and the prequel Red Dragon (2002), but his initial performance in The Silence of the Lambs is repeatedly cited as one of the greatest performances in cinematic history. Additionally, Hannibal Lecter, specifically for his appearance in The Silence of the Lambs, was named the number one movie villain of all time by the American Film Institute, winning against other iconic movie villains such as Norman Bates from Psycho (1960) and the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz (1939).

11 David Prowse / James Earl Jones - Star Wars

Star Wars Tarkin Darth Vader

While Anthony Hopkins' famed performance as Hannibal Lecter is often noted for its short screen time, many film fans are not aware that Darth Vader, played by David Prowse and voiced by James Earl Jones, appears for even less time in the original Star Wars (1977). With only around twelve minutes of screen time, Darth Vader became an iconic villain who shaped, and continues to shape, the Star Wars franchise. Vader's role in later movies expands, and the prequel trilogy goes on to tell his origin story, but initially, the Sith Lord is shrouded in mystery and defined solely by his power and ruthlessness.

David Prowse, the 6'6" bodybuilder, was the ideal imposing frame for Vader, but the true brilliance in his casting comes from James Earl Jones, whose voice is now synonymous with Darth Vader. Darth Vader was named #3 on the American Film Institute's list of movie villains, but as the most profitable Star Wars character to date, his impact on film and culture may be farther-reaching than any other movie villain.

10 Christoph Waltz - Spectre

Christoph Waltz and Lea Seydoux in Spectre

Christoph Waltz won his first Academy Award playing the main antagonist in Inglourious Basterds (2009), SS officer Hans Landa. The role illustrated his ability to create a complex and scene-stealing villain. When Christoph Waltz was cast as the villain in Spectre (2015), James Bond fans were excited to see what he would bring to the role of Franz Oberhauser.

Despite Waltz making statements to the contrary, his character is revealed in the film to be the infamous Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld. As the head of the criminal organization SPECTRE, he has worked to destroy James Bond, motivated by a boyhood jealousy. Waltz is retrospectively made the villain of all of the Daniel Craig James Bond films, but his on-screen role in Spectre is so brief that it feels like a waste of his talents.

9 Ben Kingsley - Iron Man 3

Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin in Iron Man 3

The Mandarin is Iron Man's archnemesis in the comic, and award-winning actor Ben Kingsley was announced to play him in Iron Man 3 (2013). The Mandarin was heavily featured in the promotional material for the film, suggesting that he would have a formidable presence in the film.

As it turns out, the Mandarin is not as villainous as the trailers for Iron Man 3 would have the audience believe. Instead, the Mandarin is a character that was invented to be the front of Adrian Killian's (Guy Pierce) operation. Ben Kingsley plays a drunken, washed-up actor, Trevor Slattery, who plays the role of the Mandarin. While this twist allowed Kingsley to show his comedic range, the Mandarin's role ends up being relatively brief once he is outed as a red herring from the true and sinister villain.

8 Sam Rockwell - the green mile

Sam Rockwell as William Wild Bill Wharton in The Green Mile

Sam Rockwell did an impressive job playing the insane and violent William "Wild Bill" Wharton in The Green Mile (1999), especially given that Wharton's role (and Rockwell's screen time) is relatively brief in a movie that is over three hours long. Wharton is not only a murderer, a pedophile, and a sadist, but he is pivotal to the plot, because he is responsible for the crimes that John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan) is imprisoned and later executed for.

While Wharton's role as an antagonist is balanced by the cruel prison guard Percy Wetmore (Doug Hutchinson), Sam Rockwell's chilling performance is often overlooked.

7 Sigourney Weaver - cabin in the woods

Sigourney Weaver in Cabin in the Woods

Sigourney Weaver's appearance in Joss Whedon's Cabin in the Woods (2012) is simultaneously a celebrity cameo and the bloody climax of the entire film. The horror movie commentary turned science fiction apocalyptic adventure introduces her as the shadowy Director in the final scene, surprising audiences with a familiar face.

While Weaver's own previous work makes her an ideal nod-and-wink for the film's finale, injecting both gravitas and humor, her brief appearance felt all-too-brief. The film could have utilized her better as an actor, but it seemed that in this case, her casting was the punchline in and of itself. Still, to the film's credit, it is difficult to imagine anyone else playing the role.

6 Sebastian Stan - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Sebastian Stan as the Winter Soldier in Captain America 2

In the second installment of the Captain America franchise, the eponymous The Winter Soldier (2014) is surprisingly scarce. Sebastian Stan plays Bucky Barnes, the childhood friend of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) who is brainwashed by HYDRA and turned into an assassin.

At around twenty-two minutes of screen time, the Winter Soldier is not actually the main antagonist of the film. In fact, based on the trailers for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War (2016), Bucky Barnes may play a larger role in the third installment of the Captain America series than he did in the movie that shares his name.

5 Philip Seymour Hoffman - Mission: Impossible III

Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Owen Davian in Mission Impossible III

Phillip Seymour Hoffman was an accomplished actor who brought a variety of complex characters to life on the screen and on the stage. In Mission: Impossible III (2006), he plays Ethan Hunt's (Tom Cruise) formidable foe, arms dealer Owen Davian. Like many shadowy villains, Hoffman is not actually in the film for very long, but he delivers a performance that impressed even critics who disliked the film as a whole.

In one sequence in the film, Hoffman plays not only his own character, but Ethan Hunt wearing an Owen Davian mask. In that scene in particular, Hoffman's mastery as an actor is illustrated - his Tom-Cruise-as-Ethan-Hunt impression is impressive.

4 Lee Pace - Guardians of the Galaxy

Ronan The Accuser Guardians of the Galaxy

When Lee Pace was cast as Ronan the Accuser, the main antagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), his physical presence and his impressive acting resumé made him a strong addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, while Guardians of the Galaxy was a critically-acclaimed summer blockbuster, Pace's role in the movie was only around six minutes of screen time.

While Star-Lord and the other Guardians fought off minions, escaped from prison, and learned to get along with each other, Ronan took a backseat. As if Ronan's death at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy didn't make it clear, James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, has stated that Lee Pace will not be reprising the role in the sequel.

3 Gwendoline Christie - Star Wars: the force awakens

Captain Phasma - 10 Biggest The Force Awakens Mysteries

Many Star Wars fans were excited to see Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie play Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015). However, these same fans were disappointed when they found that Captain Phasma only briefly appears in the film, and during that time, does surprisingly little. Of the trio of new villains, only Kylo Ren seemed to be given adequate screen time to develop a multi-faceted character, leaving both General Hux (Domhnall Gleeson) and Captain Phasma as glorified background characters.

Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that Captain Phasma will return in the upcoming sequel trilogy films, but Christie's talents seemed wasted in The Force Awakens, where any actor could have played the masked stormtrooper commander.

2 Ralph Fiennes - harry potter and the goblet of fire

Voldemort - Most Powerful Villains

Ralph Fiennes' Oscar-nominated performance as SS Officer Amon Goeth in Schindler's List (1993) made it clear that he could play a ruthless and captivating villain. His role as Voldemort in Harry Potter was also chilling, but his character is largely and surprisingly absent from many of the films where he is the antagonist. Fiennes was not even cast in the role of Voldemort until the fourth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005).

In the previous films, Voldemort is a looming shadow, only confronted briefly at the end of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001), and then again as a teenage Horcrux spirit at the end of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002). In the third film (2004), Voldemort's return is discussed, but he does not appear at all. This pattern continues, and in the fourth film, Fiennes appears as Voldemort only at the climax for around fifteen minutes.

While Fiennes does have opportunities in later movies to further explore and develop his character, it isn't until Deathly Hallows (2010 and 2011) that Voldemort appears for any real extended period of time.

1 Gary Oldman - Léon: The Professional

Gary Oldman in Leon: The Professional

One of Gary Oldman's greatest performances is without a doubt the corrupt, drug-addicted, and stylishly dressed DEA agent, Norman Stansfield in Léon: The Professional (1994). Stansfield is cunningly intelligent and unpredictably unhinged in equal measure, which makes him compelling and deadly.

Oldman is known for his villains, and he brings an energy to the role of Stansfield that makes the character vividly memorable, despite the fact that Stansfield does not actually have much screen time. However, Oldman made the most of the time that he was given, and Norman Stansfield is a clear fan-favorite and notable performance.


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